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The Bad Boy (part 1)

December 31, 2014
By Outcast4God PLATINUM, Farmersville, Texas
Outcast4God PLATINUM, Farmersville, Texas
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I run into class several minutes late. But it's not like it's my fault my alarm didn't go off! Blame the storm that knocked out the power. But did Mr. Harman listen to reason? No. He just glared at me as I stumbled in the door and handed me a detention slip. I sighed, and turned with a huff to go to my seat. But as I turned, I saw something shocking... A boy.

No, I don't go to an all-girls school. Yes, I've seen boys before. But not guys like him. Where did he even come from. Around here all the boys wear nicely pressed polos, tan Kakis, and dress shoes. In other words, they dress to impress. But this guy... He's wearing all black. The only parts of his clothes that aren't black are the silver studs on his shoes and belt. His tight black T-shirt shows off his muscles, and let me tell you... He looks good! And the best part... He's sitting next to me! I can honestly say I've never been so happy to be in geography at 7am. 

I was so giddy, I practically skipped to my seat. Well, at least until I realized how uncool I looked. I then decided to saunter. Not that it mattered. He wasn't even looking at me. He was busy picking at the studs on his belt. 

As I sat down I leaned over and whispered, "Hi, I'm Jess." 

He gave me a blank stare for a moment, then said "Who cares?" 

I was a little taken aback by his tone, but then decided I didnt care. If anything, it only made him hotter. So I smirked in reply and proceeded to pull my geography book out of my bag, which is actually pretty challenging considering it's so big. I managed to get it out though with a less than graceful yank... I'm pretty sure that, when my head flew back due to the force of the yank, my hair hit the face of the guy behind me. I mean, if him whispering "Watch it, dork!" was any indication. I muttered a quick apology before turning to listen to Mr. Harman. 



School was almost over and the new guy hadn't even looked at me. I did find out, however, that he had a bad-boy rep. But that's okay... Something about that just made me like him more. Which is strange because I've always been a goody-two-shoes. But hey, people change. 

The last bell rang, and I hurried to catch up with the new guy (his name was Jay I had figured out). 

"Jay!" I cried, stopping him in the hallway. "Jay, umm hi. I just wanted to welcome you to our school. I know it must be kinda weird starting here in the middle of the semester, but if you need anything, and I mean anything, don't hesitate to let me know."

Jay stared at me for a moment. "You done now? Good." Then he walked away. I stared after him. 



I was studying for  history test when I heard my older brother Brandon get home. And by the sound of it he had someone with him. They were laughing, and making all sorts of noise. "Keep it down, I'm trying to study!" I yelled. But did they listen? No. I put in a pair of earbuds and continued my study on the Revolutionary War. 

After a while I got hungry, so I got up and walked to the kitchen. As I passed the living room I saw that my brother and his friend were watching a movie... But his friend wasn't just anyone... It was Jay. I stopped dead in my tracks. Jay looked up and his eyes widened. 

"This is your sister?" He asked Brandon. "The girl who talks a lot?"

Talks a lot? I don't talk a lot. I talk a normal amount. However, I didn't feel that this was the best time to be pointing that out. "Rude much?" I jokingly scoffed. Then I walked into the kitchen, leaving him to his weird movie. 

I sat in the kitchen, replaying his words in my mind. I couldn't believe he said that. He doesn't like me... Why would he? I'm just some weird girl that kept stalking him at school. 

As I thought about all of this, Jay wandered into the kitchen. 

"Hey, I'm sorry if what I said in there offended you." He said quietly. 

"Wow.... Who knew you had a soft side." I laughed.

"No one. And no one ever will know. Now, the reason I came in here was to ask you if you wanted to come to my party this weekend? You know, as an 'I'm sorry' thing."

"Yeah, sure." I said cooly. Jay smiled and left the room. Good thing he left when he did too, because I was unable to contain my smile any longer.

"I'm in!"

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