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December 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Avery Shore: Daughter of George and Andrea Shore. Sister of Ross Shore. Girlfriend of Tanner Johnson. Her family is the biggest rival of the Liner family. Completely in love with Carson Liner.

Carson Liner: Son of Richard and Bethany Liner. Brother of Wendy Liner. Single. His family is the biggest Rival of the Shore family. Completely in love with Avery Shore.

Their families have been in a war since high school. Their fathers, always had to compete to see who was better at everything and anything. Who was richer, stronger, faster, more powerful, etc. They have carried this war on through their children. Ross and Wendy absolutely loathe each other. Wendy hates Avery, and Ross hates Carson. Not all of the children followed the paths that were told they were supposed to follow.

When they met each other, they didn't know who the other one was. When they found out, nothing changed. They new that they would love each other no matter what. It didn't matter that she had a boyfriend, or that their parents would disprove, or that they could be disowned. He loved her, and she loved him. Unconditionally.

One time, in late June, Carson was saying goodbye to Avery for the night. He was just about to climb down the balcony(which she conveniently had), when her father opened the door.

“Are you st-” George noticed the blond standing right near her. “What the hell is he doing here?” George spat out with disgust.

“He was just saying goodnight,” Avery whispered to her dad, hoping he would let it go.

“Why does he have to say goodnight? Huh? He shouldn't have been here in the first place. No filthy Liner is going to be inside my house!” He yelled, without caring about the Liner still standing there.

“Daddy! How can you just say that?! Here's still here! He has to say goodnight because it's the polite thing to do at the end of a date!” Avery screeched, shocking both George and Carson. Avery Shore was taught better than to raise her voice, at any moment, no matter the situation.

“Date?! You were on a date with HIM?!” George was furious with his only daughter. He would expect that she would feel the same way about the Liner as he did.

“Yes! I was. That's usually what you do when you have a boyfriend. Go on dates.”

“Oh, now he's your boyfriend. You already have one. Tanner!” Both Carson and Avery cringed at his name. They tried to forget about him, when committing devious acts together such as dating and kissing.

“I don't love Tanner. I don't even like him. All he talks his himself and basketball. I love Carson!” Carson smiled to himself as he awkwardly stood there.

“You don't know what love is. Your seventeen for heavens sake! You can't possibly love him,” He uttered in disgust. “He's a Liner.”

“So? What are you going to do?” Avery wondered aloud.

“I don't know. What would you do?” George glared directly at Carson, asking the question to him.

“I'd probably get some sort of security system to keep an eye on her.” Carson shamefully said. Avery turned to look him. He looked down into her deep brown eyes and saw hurt.

“Good thinking.” George smirked and grabbed the blond by his arm and dragged him out of the room. Avery didn't move for she knew he would be back soon.

George still his hand wrapped around Carson's arm when they reached the front door. “Listen hear, boy. You stay away from daughter. You understand? Don't come back, or I'll have you arrested.” He pushed Carson forward, and let go of his arm.

When Avery was able to move, she went as close to them as she could, so that she could hear what they were saying. “Don't come back or I'll have you arrested,” was the part of the conversation she heard. This made her blood boil, thinking that her father would arrest the boy she loves. A single tear slipped down her eye as she saw her father push him out the door. She stepped out onto the spiral staircase. George turned around, and saw his timid daughter standing there. He just sighed, and walked away, not looking back at the now sobbing teen.

Avery and Carson have been dating, even though their families hated each other. Carson was at the Shore house, he and Avery were sitting on her roof, where no one could see them. They were cuddled into each others arms, and Avery's head on Carson's chest.

“Let's runaway.” She suggested, as they stared into the stars.

“What?” Carson sat up, and looked at her. Avery did the same.

“Lets runaway. Away from Tanner. Away from the feud. Away from our family. Away from the people of Albuquerque.” She got more excited, as she talked. The possibility of them being together without the feud was getting more and more exhilarating as she talked. Carson just stared at her, without anything to say.

“Are you sure?” He asked, knowing that Avery loved her family more than anything.

“YES!” She said a little to loudly and covered her mouth in realization. “Yes,” she whispered to him.

“Okay.” Carson smiled. He cupped her face with hand and kissed her lightly on her lips.

“Really?” He nodded and her face lit up. “Okay, I'll be ready in an hour. Let's meet somewhere.”

“How about Central Park.” He suggested and nodded.

“I'll See you there.” They both jumped off the roof, and he climbed down her balcony while, she went to her room.

Carson walked to his car, that was parked on the next street over(so that nobody could see it), and got in. He sighed in excitement, and stress. Was he ready to spend the rest of his life with someone that had a family that hated him? Well, yes. But, was he ready to be on his own, and without the comfort of his family? Maybe not. He drove home, went to his room, and laid down on his bed.

Avery went into her closet, and found some suitcases. She unzipped them, and left them on her bed. Then, she grabbed everything she could, and shoved them in her bags, not taking the time to fold them neatly. She had a goofy grin on her face, but tried to stop. She knew that if anyone in her family saw it, they would know something was up. She zipped the bags, but didn't pick them up. She was completely sure about this decision. There was no hesitation in her movements. She stood there, in her room, and looked around. This could be the last time that she would ever be there. She picked up her bags, and walked down the staircase.

“Going somewhere?” Her brother asked as he came from the living room. Avery had to quickly think of a reason why she was leaving, with a surplus of bags.

“I'm..uh...sleeping over at Taylor's.” Taylor was her best friend since 3rd grade.

“Oh, okay. Have fun.” Ross accepted the answer, and walked away. Avery let out a hefty sigh for she was almost caught. She left her bags by the door, and walked into the kitchen, where her father would be soon. He likes to have a late snack and a glass of milk before bed. She grabbed a piece of paper, and a pen from a drawer. She wrote a simple note to her family explaining her absence.

Dear Everyone,

I'm sorry. I can't stay here anymore. I love Carson Liner, and we're going away together. I won't tell you where, because I know you will come and get me. I love you all, and hope that someday you will forgive me for this.



She left the note on the counter, left to get her bags, and left the house for the last time.

Carson still didn't know what to do. He looked at his alarm clock which said 8:45. He had to be at Central Park in fifteen minutes. He had been thinking for forty-five minutes, and couldn't decide. He had a spectacular idea in his head, but didn't know that it would work.

When Avery got to the park, she saw very few people, but no Carson. Her face fell, and she walked over to a near bench, bags in hands. She sat there for almost a half an hour, until she decided she would go home. There was no sign of Carson, no call, no text. He had gotten her hopes up, and crushed her heart. Right when she got up, she saw a figure with blond hair and a blue Gucci hat. She shook her head in disappointment. He had shown up late, with no bags, but a really big smile on his face.

“AVERY!” Carson yelled as he sprinted forward. She ignored him, and walked past him, and he was sure he knew why she was upset. He knew how late he was, but he didn't mean for it to be that way. His talk had gone on longer than imagined.

“Avery,” He said again as he stopped, and grabbed her hand. She pulled hers out of his, and looked away. “I'm sorry I'm late, but I've got something to tell you. Well, ask you actually.” He said quickly as he grinned.

“You were late. Beyond late! I waited for thirty minutes! I thought you were never going to come! And when you do, your empty handed! Are you kidding me?!” She yelled at him, as hot and salty tears ran down her cheeks.

“I'm sorry I'm so late, but I was talking to someone, and I didn't think it would take so long.” He tried explaining as she started walking away.

“Who could you possibly be talking to?” She questioned as she turned around.

“Your father.” He simply said.

Carson rang the doorbell in complete nervousness. This was plan A. If this didn't work, then he would have to run away without the blessing of their parents. The Victorian door opened to reveal a distressed George Shore.

“Oh, you.” He said in disappointment. Carson brushed it off, knowing that the mans feelings toward his family would never change. “What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be out with my daughter right now? At least, that's what she told us.”

“I should be, but I need to ask you something.” As he said that, the door started closing in his face. He caught it before it closed. “Please?” Carson asked, he was going to try until he got a straight answer.

“Fine.” George opened the door, to let Carson in, and led him to the living room. “Sit down.” Carson did as he told, and sat down the white couch. “What do you want?”

“I want to ask you, if I can ask Avery to marry me.” Avery said, trying to not sound completely crazy.

“You're joking, right?” George snorted and looked back at Carson.

“No, actually I'm not. I want to marry your daughter, but I don't want to runaway to do that. When we do get married, I want you and your family and my family there, to see it happen. Avery thinks the only way to be together is to leave. That's not what's best for us. I can get her to stay here, near you, but you have to be okay without relationship. If you say no, then I will go away with her. I will do whatever I can, so that I can spend the rest of my life with your daughter.” Carson wasn't nearly done, but stopped when he saw George's hand go up, to pause his speech.

“Carson, that's some speech.” Thats all George said. Nothing about what he thinks, or what he would do.

“So?” Carson wondered aloud. “Is that a yes I can marry your daughter, or a no I have to runaway to be with her?” George sighed another one of those sighs, and nodded.

“I'm never going to like your father.” Carson nodded, not knowing what was coming. “But you love my daughter very much. I can see it in your eyes. I'm saying yes, but under a few conditions.” Carson nodded vigorously.

“First, you have to wait until after graduation to get married. Two, When you do get married, and are living on your own, you have to come to dinner once a week. Three, She has to have a white wedding dress. It's a tradition in my family. And four, you have to propose with this ring.”

He got up from the couch, and walked over to a glass cabinet. He opened the doors, and reached behind a picture of Avery. He came back to the couch with a small ring in his hands. “This is also a tradition in my family. Every man that proposed to a women that is now in this family, they have done it with this ring. My father used it, my grandfather used it, my great grandfather used it, and so on. Avery has been waiting for this ring, since she first saw when she was twelve.” He handed the ring over and smiled. “I trust you to be with my daughter, for the rest of your life.” Carson nodded one more time.

“Thank you, sir.” He simply said and walked out the door. He took in a deep breathe and smiled.

“My father?” Avery questioned.

“I asked him if I could marry you.”

“Oh boy.” She muttered to herself.

“And he said I could.” Carson got down on one knee, and pulled the ring out from his jeans pocket. The minute she saw the ring, she started to cry.

“Avery Hannah Shore, will you marry me?” He stared into her brown orbs and waited for the answer. She had tears of joy now, instead of tears of strain. She couldn't have been happier in the entire life.

“Yes,” He slipped the ring on her finger, and hugged her as tight as possible.

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