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Leah, I Love You

March 6, 2012
By RunnergirlAlli SILVER, Tyndall AFB, Florida
RunnergirlAlli SILVER, Tyndall AFB, Florida
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Leah, I love you.

She was just a normal girl, everything about her was normal. She hated the word normal, she hated everything about it. Normal just oozed boring. Maybe that’s what people thought when they thought of her, normal- just normal. With her straightened hair, Abercrombie jeans, school shirts, and vans all she ever did was fit-in. She hated it.

She decided to go shopping with her mom, and the $555.00 she had just lying around. The first thing she decided to change was her hair; she went to her local salon and bleached the tips of her hair. She ditched her boot-cut jeans for super skinnies. She then decided to change her shoes; they would be the focal point in her outfit. Her plain vans became plaid, floral, zebra, and leopard. She didn’t want her straight hair anymore, bouncy curls here she comes! She trashed all of her school shirts and became a fan of soft colored polo’s.

Leah Grace had finally decided to change. She liked that word, it wasn’t boring. It was different, she was different. Leah was going to stand-out, maybe even outstanding. Who knows?

“Maybe I’m taking this the wrong way? But I don’t think I am I want to do this.” She told herself.

To Leah, it felt good to do something different. She wanted a change. She just knew everyone was going to notice, maybe even Mike.


He was working on his biology homework when he heard his phone ring, it was Leah. He loved talking to her. He loved the way her hair smelled in the summer rain. The way the light reflected off of her perfectly speckled hazel eyes. He loved the way she smiled after she did something clumsy. He loved every aspect of her. He loved her! They fought like brothers and sisters, but talked like best-friends. Yet they were totally opposite. He loved to read, write, and sing. He also had an extreme fascination with wolves. But, she loved running, swimming, and quite frankly, she was great at it. She also loved everything about keeping fish.
Mike Johnson had officially decided that he loved Leah, go figure.


Nothing could be done to prepare Leah for what was going to happen next.
Mike answered his phone.
“Hey Leah!” Mike said.
“Guess what?” Leah replied.
“I went on a shopping spree today; I got a whole new wardrobe!”
“Awe, I bet you’ll look cute!”
“Thanks Mike, I can’t wait to see you!”
“Same here,” Mike said.

“I’ll see ya later.” Leah replied.

“Okay, bye Leah.”

The conversation left butterflies in Leah’s stomach. She loved that about him. She loved his sweetness. The a foreign word hit her, love.




As Mike thought about Leah, he realized that he wanted more, a bigger piece of her. Mike wanted her heart, he wanted her companionship for the rest of his life.




Leah went to school the next day, and sure enough she got what she wanted. She got attention. Leah didn’t blend in anymore. She was officially different!

She couldn’t help but smile all day long, she loved her “new look”. She thought about him, Mike, her best-friend.




Mike waited for Leah at her locker when the bell rang. If only Leah knew how much she was driving him crazy. All he thought about was her.




As Leah approached her locker, she saw Mike. A slow smile spread across her face. She felt her cheeks grow warmer and warmer with every minute that passed. She now knew that she wanted him. It took a lot of convincing, but she now knew she had his heart.




At first sight of Leah his heart began to race, he had never been this nervous around her before, never.

“Just stay calm, don’t act strange.” Mike told himself.

“Hey,” Leah greeted him with a warm smile.

Mike could smell her Secret Wonderland perfume. He loved that about Leah, she always smelled like that. It brought back memories from the past.

“Hey Leah,” Mike said, still thinking about their memories from 5 years ago when they were 11.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Nothing, just nothing,” Mike said with a sigh.



Mike finally gained the courage, it didn’t matter where they were, or who was there. All that mattered was her.

“Leah, I………I,” His voice trailed off. His burst of courage was suddenly gone.

“You what?” Leah asked puzzled, though she wasn’t clueless, her heart was pounding 1,000 beats a minute.

“Leah, I love you.”




“We were so young back then.” Leah said dazed.

“I never thought that this is where I would be standing twenty years later.” Mike replied.

“You’re about to meet your new little princess.” Leah said joyfully.

“I know, but can I just say this is the scariest moment of my life?” Mike said.

“Meet your new baby girl.” The nurse said with a tone in her voice that instantly made Mike grin.

Mia’s baby bracelet read;
Mia Grace Godfrey
Born March 25th 2010
Parents; Mike and Leah Godfrey

The author's comments:
I wrote this in one week, and shortly after I fell in love with it.

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on Mar. 12 2012 at 8:43 am
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Such a sweet story. I like it.


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