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The Princess and The Thief

February 22, 2012
By justjosie PLATINUM, Scottsburg, Indiana
justjosie PLATINUM, Scottsburg, Indiana
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A silvery crescent moon hung low in a clear starry night. A lone clouds was all that remained of a heavy rain the kingdom had just received. The whole kingdom was asleep in their beds dreaming. All except one.

A lone thief stole his way across the stone shingles of the North Tower of the Grand Palace. He was so careful, never slipping once on the wet shingles. This was his only chance, and he wasn’t going to take any risks.

It was a simple mission, a mission the thief had received from a hooded man by the docks. And the man had promised to pay very handsomely. All the thief had to do was to steal the princess’s crown.

Now, let me describe our brave thief. He is fairly a young man, about the ripe age of twenty-two. He is quite an attractive man with soft blue eyes with dark blue around the edges that sparkled in the moonlight. His dirty blond hair was not straight, nor curly. More like a class all its own. He was tall, strong, but still a thief. A wanted thief.

When he reached the balcony to the princesses room, he hesitated. He must be very cautious. He’s practically walking into the hungry jaws of a crouching beast, asking it to eat him whole. His hands shook ever so slightly as he undid the latch and pushed the door open.

The only light entering the room was from the open balcony door. The bright moonlight spilled right onto the sleeping form of the princess. She didn’t stir. The thief waited for any sign of her waking, when none came he slowly continued into the room. No mouse in the land was as quiet as he at that moment.

The crown sat on an over stuffed crimson pillow with golden trim at the foot of the princesses enormous four post bed. The royal crown was sold silver with an inch wide ruby as the main piece. Emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds decorated the silver leaves around the edges. A beautiful crown, fit for a beautiful princess.

Oh, how beautiful she was.

She had caught the thief’s eye the moment he had laid his eyes on her. Her long black eyelashes curled out perfectly from her closed eyes. Her lips slightly opened, oh how her ruby lips mesmerized the thief. Long golden hair curled down her back and framed her sleeping face. He felt as if a angel was laying before him.

The fair maiden dreamed of the one who would take her heart one day. The way he would look, speak, act. She imagined his handsome face, smiling at her. But slowly his image began to slip from her. she tried to reach for him. Then she woke.

The thief stood frozen in shock when the princess woke with a start. She sat up with her hand extended, reaching for something. Her hand dropped limply to her lap when she saw him. Both stared at each other, the thief felt terror, waiting for the moment where she would call for her guards and he would be taken away to the dungeons. The princess on the other hand felt amazement, the man standing in front of her was indeed the on she had dreamed of.

Slowly she stood and made her way to him. They both stood transfixed, lost for words. Both falling in love instantly.

The thief felt as if his whole word tipped. Looking down into her pale green eyes, he saw everything he’s ever wanted. But he knew that they could never be together. He was a poor man, she was a rich royal, it could never be. His heart instantly felt like lead. Then she spoke.

“What is your name?” she whispered.

Goose bumps ran along his arms. Her voice sounded like thousands of sweet silver bells. “Theodore.” he answered, “May I ask of your’s?”

She blinked slowly and smiled. “Ariana.”

The thief felt his heart quicken as he took a step back. Again, that dark thought came to his mind whispering “You can love her, but you can’t have her.”

Never have her.

He turned and fled out the door and onto the roof. Ariana cried after him “Wait!” but he was gone.

The princess felt as if she had found her missing half, just to have it ripped away. Slowly she slipped back into bed. As he feel asleep, she whispered his name.

Night after night, both thief and princess dreamed of each other. Both yearned for their other half's, the one’s they loved. Everyday the princess rode through the kingdom, searching. But she never found the one she looked for.

Five long, lonely months later, the thief was caught and arrested. He was sentenced to death by hanging. The day of his execution was a cloudy, and dismal. The royal family sat in their podium to witness the criminal being punished. On that day, the princess happened to be there.

When the thief stepped foot on the platform and the rope was tied around his neck, the princess realized who it was. “Stop!” she cried and away she flew, trying to get to him. But she was to late.

The executioner had pulled the lever.

The author's comments:
After watching one of my favorite Disney movies for maybe the fourth time, this story began to blossom in my head as I thought what the movie would have been like if the thief hadn't lived.

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on Mar. 11 2012 at 5:02 pm
Lady_Lemon GOLD, Franklin, Wisconsin
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That's so sad!! My eyes are litterally stinging right now because I'm on the verge of tears! Or maybe I've just been staring at the computer to much because I was so shocked by how you chose to end it... but still! So sad! Good job!