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The Letter

February 3, 2012
By Michelle.D SILVER, Hemet, California
Michelle.D SILVER, Hemet, California
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“You can never solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created the problem in the first place.”
-Albert Einstein

That letter, the one we were supposed to lock away, in the locked, steel cabinet where it would lay, unopened for hours, weeks, months, and years. The one where were wrote whatever we wanted, to whoever we wanted, and I did. I wrote that letter to you, saying how special you are, my best friend and then I broke, no longer did I write, I love you bestie! You’re the funniest and coolest person I know, no that wasn’t right I’d already promised that to the six other people that asked for letter, I wrote my heart, it spilled over and it was too late, the letter was in pen, forever inscribed on the college ruled lined paper that wasn’t so simple anymore it wasn’t the same as the thousands of others that were printed every second, no this one held my heart. I knew as I wrote that I was in trouble, but the idea that this letter, written in the red ink with my heart sprawled all over the five pages of my writing, would be locked away forever comforted me, who knew forever was so short. As the words “forever and always I will love you, singed the best friend who always was a little behind, Adriana” left my red inked pen I felt panicked, I’d never said it out loud let alone wrote it for curious eyes to read. My heart beat quicken I had to seal it quickly before it was too late. Before I stopped myself and regained my consciousness. The thick, white envelope left my trembling hands and went into the hands of my tall English teacher, her eyes scanning it quickly before it was tossed into the basket to be locked away soon, I turned and walked away quickly to my next class but it was too late I’d already began to realize the full effect my letter would have when opened, losing the most important person in my life because of love, I don’t even believe in real love not high school at least, high schoolers are incapable of love, it’s a crush, a crush , a crush I repeated in my head there was no “love” it was a crush. When I snapped out of my wandering mind I realized I was already to my next class but I stopped my hand resting on the door knob, my bag hit the floor and I ran, I ran faster than I did in my whole life, my hands scrambling for the door knob to my English class but it was too late, once again always a little behind, Mrs. Edison walked up behind me and saw my stunned face.
“Are you ok there hun?” she asked quickly
“Yeah I’m fine thanks; um did you already lock up the letters?”
She just sympathetically smiled as the words I dreaded to hear left her lips “Sorry girl you just missed me, I just finished the last trip to the cabinet is officially locked till you senior year. It’s exciting right?”
My voice falsely cheery, responded automatically “Oh yeah, defiantly, I just wanted to make sure, thanks Mrs. Edison.”
My feet dragged as I wondered how I could have let this happen, if I had just ran out of paper or lost my lucky red pen, the one you gave me when we decided that we were best friends or just forgot about it, but I knew that was impossible forgetting anything that had to do with you was like forget to breath, forgetting to pump blood to my heart, I could not forget you, ever.
I never did, especially when it came time to open the steel cabinet with the locks that had not been broken for the last 40 years. As the announcement boomed from the loud speakers I planned, was there time? Could I get the letter? The bell rang and I shot out the door, my friends shouting after me, but there was no time to waste, you’d be there to soon, I threw the door that seemed to weigh a million pounds open but of course, I was behind you the whole time, you were already reading my letter with the red ink words that told you everything, I couldn’t look anymore and I turned and tried to begin weaving through the sudden crowd of wild seniors, their laughter and shouts filling the air as they grabbed for the packages and letters, but I only heard you.
“Adriana, stop!” your voice rang through the crowd of bustling teens
I turned slowly and smiled “hey there Mark I totally didn’t see you” a nervous laugh escaping my trembling lips as I looked at you straight on. You gave me that look, with your green eyes smiling as the adorable smirk spread across your face.
“Quit messing around, I know you did” your voice responded, soft and smooth
I was positive you were going to laugh at me soon, but through the booming beats of my heart I managed to reply “fine you caught me, what’s up?” but I did wait for a response, I ran and this time I was ahead of you, as you ran to catch up with me. This time I finally – my thoughts stopped as I was whipped around by your strong, tan arm that was now around my waist and you soft sweet lips pressed against mine. My arms wrapped around your neck and my thin fingers weaved into your think dark hair, It didn’t matter that we heard the bell ringing or people were busying moving around us in the crowed hall way, I didn’t even notice them; it was just you and I in space alone. Just one letter from me and a kiss from you and suddenly my whole world changed, this is love, love, love and it was.

The author's comments:
At my school we wrote letters to friends and others that were put into a time capsule cabinet, and my teacher told me so many great stories about previous students that it inspired me. I hope you enjoy!

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on Apr. 14 2012 at 12:48 pm
kaitlin96 SILVER, Hemet, California
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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
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Love it!!! :)