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The Oakwood Life Part 3

September 4, 2011
By singinginthegardn GOLD, Cowell, Massachusetts
singinginthegardn GOLD, Cowell, Massachusetts
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“Hey! Shay! Over here!” I hear my best friend call. Ashley Reynolds is sitting near our favorite spot under the large oak tree. She laughs and waves to me. The side door’s wrought iron steps are slick beneath my feet. I run over and sprawl out next to her. “What’s up?” I say. She turns her head to look right at me. Her eyes shine a crystal blue and her fair, flawless skin sparkles in the sunlight. Her face is serious but then breaks out in a smile. “Dan asked me to prom!!” She shouts gleefully. “No way! That’s great! I am so happy for you!” I say with a slight tinge of sadness.
“Thanks! How about you? Have you got a date yet?”
“No. Not yet. But, I mean, whatever! It’s like 3 months away, right?” I try to avoid that touchy topic of me…dateless. I notice the corners of her eyes drop slightly as she hears those words.
“Well, yeah. Doesn’t matter. And, Shay, you’ll totally have a guy by then. No doubt!” Ashley tries to enlighten me. That’s what is great about her. She is so caring and sweet and everyone loves her. Oh, and by the way, everyone knows that she is stunning! She has gorgeous wavy gold locks, dancing blue eyes, a heart-shaped face, and a thin build. I do know that I am pretty too but please. I just don’t add up. Straight, chestnut hair, brown, almond-shaped eyes, golden skin, tall and athletic. Just not the complete girlfriend type, you know? I nod and lean back on my elbows, tilting up my chin. The sun filters through the leaves and cascades patches of light on us. Ashley looks over at me and raises an eyebrow. “You okay?’
“Yeah, I’m fine. How come everyone keeps asking me that?”
“Oh, no reason. Why? Who else did?” Ashley questions as she lays on the ground with her chin resting on her fists, staring at me.
I smile at her, thankful that she really does care about what I have to say. Then my mood changes. “Avalon.”
“Oh. Her.”
“Yeah. She and James are going to prom together.”
“Oh, really.” It’s not really a question. More of an “And you’re surprised?” statement. “Is that why you’re so bummed?”
“Maybe. I didn’t really think about that.”
“Well, I know how much you like James.”
“Yeah. He was staring at me in English today. Like, eyes-drilling-through-me kind of staring.”
“Ooh! Someone likes you!”
“Nah. Doubt it.”
“Mhm.” Ashley glances at her white Chanel watch. “Class starts soon. See you later?”
“After school. Jessie’s.” Jessie’s is our favorite coffee shop to chill out and do homework at.
“’Kay. See you then!”
“Love ya!”
“Love ya!” Ash jumps up and scrambles away, her purple hobo bag swinging aimlessly.
I sigh and get up slowly. Behind me I hear giggles. Two girls from Avalon’s posse are texting on their matching Sidekicks. They hear me and look up. It’s Maddie and Kris, the “twins” who follow Avalon everywhere. They both have bright, green eyes, bleach-blond bobs, and tanned skin. Their matching plaid pleated skirts and blouses make me sick. I nod to them and walk away, pushing my Dolce and Gabbana shades up my nose.
I get to Calculus and Avalon is sitting right behind me. She is whispering to Lea, her bestie, about what she is going to wear to prom. I grip my seat, resisting the temptation to whip around and scream at her. I turn my head slightly and see her short, angled chocolate hair from the corner of my eye. I also see Lea smacking her pouty, pink lips together and curling her finger through her wavy, honey hair. Sigh. It’s gonna be a long day…

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