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Loners in Love

September 5, 2011
By Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
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"To love is to live. Without love, what is life?"

I guess you could say I'm kind of shy. Quiet. A loner. So, I just sat in the grass, under my favorite pine tree. I was in the park, surprise surprise, I was alone. That's when you showed up. You had stomped your way in to my heart, my head, and all of my diaries. I guess this was the first time you noticed me. You were the cutest boy I'd ever seen. You were my type, with long brown hair. You loved music. Guess what? So do I. Oh wait, did I ever tell you I'm not good talking to people? Guess not.

"Hey, um, Lauren," You said, while stopping your black bike. I assumed you painted it yourself because it was all streaky.
"Hi Bec." I just remained calm and looked through my iPod, stopping at a random song.
"So um, did you ever do the math homework?" Math homework? A lame excuse to talk me. Whatever, at least he makes a effort.
"Um, no." I kept looking down. You seemed to get frustrated that I wasn't responding the way you wanted.
"Why don't you ever want to talk? What's wrong with you?" You looked at me hard. Your deep eyes puncturing my frail skin.
"I'm antisocial. And since when did you give a s***?" I asked you, this time I looked up at you. You blushed. Ha, got you there didn't I.
"I do so care.. You have no idea how much I care." He said while looking at a piece of grass. This time I got up.
"Oh yeah? Tell me, Bec, how much DO you care?" I said, while getting in your face.

You looked deep in my eyes, grabbed me, wrapped your arms around me, and pulled me in. Our lips touched. Like, not like a 2 second touch, like a deep, passionate long touch. A touch that means something. Something important.

"Lauren, I've watched you since 6th grade, all the way up to Junior. I've always loved you, but I've never had the courage to tell you. I didn't think you cared." You said these words so honestly. I was amazed.
"I... I do care. I care a lot.... I ca-" I was cut off by another kiss. This one being better then the first. I just wrapped my arms around you and pulled you closer, letting my guard down. We said nothing, both sat down, and realized something:

We're just both loners in love.

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