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Through the Eyes Of Zo (part 2)

November 21, 2010
By SmileKid:) SILVER, Citrus Heights, California
SmileKid:) SILVER, Citrus Heights, California
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Eventually we ended up at our neighbohood park and we sat on an old wooden bench. I was still tired but i finally knew what ha woke me up for. The sunrise. We were watching the sunrise together. I rested my my head on his broad shoulder and he rested his head on the top of my bed-head. i was a little cold, luckely i brought a sweatshirt along. "Its great isnt it?" he said in a sweet tone. "Yeah its beautiful." I was shivering and he noticed so he placed his left hand on my bunched up hands and swung his right arm over my shoulder. "What a way to start your day huh. Beautiful scene.." He looked down at me. "Beautiful girl." I couldnt help but to blush and wonder if I was really here or if I was still asleep. The warmth he gave off told me that this was all to real. "My dad said that we'll be moving uptown. So i dont think we'll be to far apart." "Thats great" I said with a half cheesy half relieved tone. "Whats wrong, arent you happy, or at least a little happier that Im not moving across the country?" I turned to face him and he read what i was thinking. "You know I dont want to leave but its my dad, he says he needs a new 'atmosphere'" "I know it just sucks thats all." "I will come back and visit you, cause i mean you are my galaxy fix." I got out of his hold to look at him. My expression was full of confusion and he just burst into laughter. "Why are you laughing at me?" I said while giggling at his goofy laugh. "Because.. think about it Galaxy Fix." I was still confused and giggling at him. "Take the first two letters out." he said in a moking tone, still snickering. G. F. Whats that suppose to mean? Then it dawned on me and i hugged him really tight. I was Luke's GIRL FRIEND. Oh my goodness I could barely breathe for a second. We kissed eachother again and held eachother tighter and closer. A couple of hours passed and we started to head home. When we were two houses down from ours was when our high was shot down. The U-Haul was packed up and only a couple boxes remained. When we reached Luke's house his dad came up to us."You ready bud?" Mr. Phillips said with an enthusiastic smile that reminded me of the Cheshire Cat. "I called the movers last night and they said they would come as soon as they could and they did and now we will be with our loading..." his dad was talking superfast. I lost him after he said they would be out by tonight. Mr. Phillips had a way of loosing you in a conversation. I looked down at my dirty/scuffed up Hurley's, my mom is always telling me to throw them out, and sighed. Reality had struck. Luke sighed too. if his dad sensed our sadness he played it off well because he was still jabbering. " all I need to do now is get our new keys copied." He was finally done. "Wel see ya latter kiddo's." We stayed quiet. "Zoe!" We looked towards the front door of my house. It was my mom, it was Sunday, it was time for church. "Wait here for a second ok?" I said to Luke. "k." I walked over to my mom and her famous scoul. "Hey, where have you been, you need to get ready for church." I called it. "Sorry I was... nevermind can Luke come with us? Please?" She softened her face and shrugged. "I guess so. It doesnt seem like a problem." "Thanks mom!" I gave her a hug then went back to Luke to tell him he was going with me and to tell him to get ready. We left our house around 9:30 to get there early. I let my sister sit in the front so i could sit next to Luke. " Whats with the genorosity?" she said. "What do you mean?" "Well you never let me sit in the front, is the world coming to an end or something?" She giggled at her own joke and hoped in the light blue Trooper. "So Zo.. you were up awful early this morning. Why was that?" my menace of a sister said to me looking through the rear view mirror with a 'your so busted' tone and a smile to match. I glared at her which only made her smile grow bigger. "Yeah?" my mom said, "Where'd you go?" "I was just sitting outside. It was no big deal." That wasnt necisarily the truth but it wasnt necisarily a lie either. After that the topic dropped, Sky, my sister, turned on the radio until we got to our destination. I was in MemoryLand, whenever I found myself there it was hard to get out. I was thinking of all the horrible things and all the weird things that i have been through or witnessed. "Zo where do you want to sit?" Lukes voice broke me from my trance, somehow i was functioning without noticing. "Over there is fine." I said pointing to the dark green chairs that stood out compared to all of the orange chairs. Sky came up to me and said, "Zoe do you need to go to the bathroom?" "No?" "Yes you do lets go I'll go with you." She pulled my arm and I looked back at Luke. All he did was shrug and grin. "OH EM GEE! I knew it. Luke totally likes you. And dont you try to say you dont like him because i saw you two last night." I blushed with a big smile on my face. "So what going on? Where did you go both times you left? I want all the details." Despite her menicy she's still my sister so i told her what happened. Sky is the perfect name for my sister. She is beautiful in everyones eyes and she has no limits. She has the perfect dark brown hair that always,even when she wakes up, looks good. Silky and long. Thin but not that gross scrawny look that most girls shoot for. Not too short not too tall, great athlete, straight A student, and she isnt all cocky about herself. She is to me, but im her sister so she just does it to mess with me at times, but we have our good moments. "Aww thats so sweet Iknew he liked you. Man no guy ever watched the sunset or sunrise with me before." She did a girlish sqeal and hugged me then off to the green chairs we were..... TO BE CONTINUED (comment please i love the feed back)

The author's comments:
this is part two of this story "Through The Eyes of Zo" i posted part one on here earlier
i hope you like it and comments woud be gladly appritiated just please be respectful thanks=)

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