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Pale white

October 17, 2010
By Miss.Bliss1 BRONZE, Scotsburn, Other
Miss.Bliss1 BRONZE, Scotsburn, Other
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“FINE! WHAT EVER!” Vanessa screams at her sister.
She runs down a dark, cold street with leaves scattered on the ground past her sister to her sisters apartment building
As she walks down she notices a dark handsome looking stranger standing, smoking what looks like a joint on the stairs next to her sisters.
Vanessa walks up to the man, fearless, shes not scared of anyone or anything.
She runs her own life, shes just visiting.
“Hey, beautiful whats your name?” The stranger says
“Vanessa Lopez, yours?”
He looks her straight in the eyes, like he knows her, like he’s just as fearless as she is.
“freddy Fernandez, do you smoke?”
She eyes him up and down, just to see if hes worth her time.
This is a tough city, Montreal is a tough city.
Vanessa has turned down so many guys she cant even count ‘em.
Shes on the search for the right guy.
He’s got dark soulless eyes, long lashes.
He’s wearing a black leather jacket,
His hair, is black.
And his face is really pale white.
Vanessa decides hes worth her time.
“Yes, thank you. My sister lives in the apartment next to you.
Do you know her?”
“ya, I know her boyfriend nice man. There perfect. So wheres your sister now?” he says
Freddy passes her the joint, she breaths in and pretends for a minuet things will be ok.
”We..had a argument. So, I decided to go a head of them”
Vanessa says
“Hey, I know something that will take your mind off about we..slip away for a while. Go for a ride in my convertible?”
Before Vanessa can answer her sister and her sisters bf are coming up to the steps next door.
Her sister looks at her weirdly
“Hey, I was wondering where you went”
Vanessas sister is not at all over protective.
She trusts Vanessa to make her own decisions.
And that’s the way it should be.
Vanessa leans over to Freddys right ear and whispers “Lets go”
“Um, I just met freddy. Were going to hang out for a bit. Bye.”
Out of no where the car just..appears… with a weird driver at the wheel.
He looks about Freddys age, with a paleish face and blonde hair and a brown leather jacket to stop this cold fall air from making him colder. So, they run down the steps, and jump in. What the hell? You only live once right?
And danger is vanessas middle name.
Vanessas sister yells “Bye freddy! Make sure my sisters back by 1:00am have fun Ness”
As soon as they sit in the back of the car the hood go’s down and they drive so fast Vanessa feels like she cant breath. In fact all she can do is laugh hysterically.
She grabs the thing that’s closest to her and that just so happens to be the handsome, risk taking, Freddy. She holds on to him so tight and wonders if he cant breath either.
And she realizes he feels freezeing cold, his hands feel like winters frost.
They drive for about an hour around Montreal, some how not getting caught by the cops, and some how not hitting a single thing.
Then, all of a sudden they stop and there at a club.
They get out, and Vanessa grabs Freddys hand and the weird driver looks at her for a second then says to Freddy “Wow, shes beautiful. If you ever don’t want her, let me know. I’ll be back.Later”
Freddy doesn’t say a word, just waves.
When they get inside, Freddy just get’s in and he doesn’t even have to say Vanessas with him, there just waved inside by the body guards.
Electro music is playing loud and theres a DJ to Vanessas right.
Freddy takes off his jacket and whispers “Lets dance gorgeous”
They dance and dance for hours and hours.
Vanessa loves the way freddy holds her close, shes never felt so good in her life.
And she decideds shes not going to turn him down just yet, if ever.
Maybe he’s the one.
They leave the club and when they get outside, it’s still dark.
Vanessa asks freddy “What time is it?”
”Um, 4:00am why?”
“Just wondering”
The strange driver appears again and they jump back inside the car.
Freddy slides up close to her on there drive back home.
He puts his hand on her shoulder and throws back his neck.
When his face comes closer to Vanessas she notices his eyes turned orange
And his teeth, his teeth are long, and sharp.
“O, my god, are you a vampire?”
Freddy nodds his head.
“Yes, now let me bite you”
Some of Vanessas friends have been bitten by vamps and they all told her it doesn’t hurt, you don’t feel it.
But wait….
“We just met, like…a few hours ago”
He shakes his head and laughs.
“Don’t play hard to get, just give in. You’ll find it so much easier to do….”
Vanessa isn’t scared of anything or anyone, so why should she let this
Bug her?
She looks up at him,
“Go ahead, bite me”
Her friends were lying to her,
it does hurt to be bitten by a vampire.
His fangs felt like a pair of sharp scissors stabbing into her neck.
But, it felt good at the same time….
There were humans who let vamps bite them,
And have sex with them.
Fang bangers, is there rude name.
There kind of like prostitutes except with vamps instead of humans.
Freddy sighs as he drinks her blood.
When he’s done he says,
“Wow, your blood is amazing…especially for a human…No offence”
Vanessa pulls her red scarf out of her pocket and wraps it around her neck.
“None taken…So, how old are you?”
He looks at her with his cool orange eyes.
“In human years Im 20 but in vamp years Im 10,00 years old”

3 years later, Vanessa and freddy have a beautiful, gothic vampire wedding.
All of freddys vampire friends come, and vanessas mortal family comes.
Vanessa was turned a year ago.
Vanessa is wearing a long, black, silk wedding dress.
Surprisingly threw the whole wedding the vampires go with out eating her family.

1 year later, Vanessa and freddy adopt a human child and raise him right.
And when the child turns 18 they turn him into a vampire.

And they live happily ever after…….or do they??????????????

The author's comments:
Hey, guys...havent submitted here in a while.
True blood inspired me to write this story.
Plz comment!!

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i have to be fairly honest, it's not that good.