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Dark Shadow!

September 19, 2010
By Amaria GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Amaria GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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As we drove outside town I realized I left it all back. Each memory, each word, each event, every friend, there all left behind forever. Every time that I see them in photos I try to remember all the wonderful times we spent together. Now I’m the new kid. Tomorrow is Monday and I start going to Count High. A school that is small compared to the school I came from. My mom says I’ll find new friends in no time, my dad told me that my friends will never forget me. I know they try so I smiled and tell them “I know, and I’ll call them every chance I get.” They smiled at me. I went to my room tomorrow would be a big day.
When I woke up and I was so nervous I was a new kid and everybody was bond to ask questions or make comments about me. I looked in the mirror I knew I was not going to fit in, I mean I was so pale and a brunette, I was so shallow and somehow now I looked even more shallow. I ate breakfast, I got my backpack and left. I rode with my dad to school. “Have a great first day; I know you’ll make friends.”
“Thanks dad. Bye.”
As I got out of the car I saw that kids were going to their classes. I
had to go to the office first, which was easy to spot
since it had a sign that said
OFFICE. As I walked in a lady with black hair was
behind the only desk.
“Excuse me.”
“Yes, may I help you?”
“I’m Maria Mason.”
“Oh, yes. Here is your schedule. I’ll get a person
from your homeroom to come and take you to
“Thank you.”
I went and sat down on a chair. Than a boy, with
brownish hair who had green eyes
came in. He was wearing a white shirt, but the shirt
was still unbutton, so I could see his chest. He was
wearing black pants. I could easily hear what he
was telling the lady. “I’m here from Mrs. Goldstein’s
class, I came here to get the new student.”
“Oh, yes.”
“Miss Mason, can you come here, your classmate is
here.” I got up and went next to my new
“Ok, you are going to homeroom. You two have
the same classes, so you can show her around the
school, have a great day. Bye.”
“Thank you.” I smiled at her.
We walked all the way to a building that had a “V”.
He wouldn’t talk to me so I decided it was time to
tell him who I was.
“Umm… Hi. I’m Maria.”
“Hey, I’m Miguel.”
“So… what sports do you like?”
“I play mostly every sport, but I don’t try out for
“Oh… that’s cool.”
“Here we are Mrs. Goldstein’s class.”
We walked in a classroom that had at least 20 kids.
They were all dressed in white shirts but the bottoms were different. We went straight to the
teacher. She was also wearing a white shirt that said number one class. She was wearing glasses and black pants. She looked up and told Miguel to go to his seat.
“Hello, my name is Mrs. Goldstein; I’ll be your homeroom teacher. What is your name?”
“My name is Maria Mason.”
“Oh what a beautiful name, I believe you already know Miguel Mantory, he will guide you through your first week.”
“Yes, thank you.”
She had no choice but to seat me next to my guide so I could ask him anything I wanted to. The day passed by like a blur, Miguel was not talking to me much, he looked like he wanted to be alone. So the whole day he only introduced me to teachers and told me what we are doing in the class so far. Then he ignored me. As the day went on I realized that I still had made no friends and many kids that asked questions, were mostly interested about Miguel than they left me alone. There was a kid named Stephan who was interested in asking questions about me. He was the kindest person I met today. When I got home I did my homework and thought about how everybody was different here than people from Paris. I knew that it was gong to be hard to make new friends. Miguel? I guess he knows how it feels like, I mean everybody asking me questions about him. He seemed to have no friends, because through the whole day he didn’t talk to me except for necessary times when I needed to know something about classes. But I also noticed how he was holding his breath and he had a ring that looked about from the late 16 century. I tried not to remember anymore, it was hard to know that you have no friends and especially knowing that I would never fit in. I was anxious to call my friends so I called Jane right after dinner.
“Hi, Jane it’s me Maria.”
“Hi, how are you?”
“Fine, I guess, I would be much better with you guys though.”
“How sweet, it’s late though and I have to go.” “Who is it honey?” I heard from the other line.
“Who is that Jane?”
“Well…ok. Bye.”
When I hanged up the phone I realized I recognized that voice. Of course I would recognize the voice anywhere. It was Alex, the guy I had been in love over three years. He was in every class I had back home. But what would he be doing at Jane’s house? They hated each other and he was my boyfriend. I decided to give him a call. It rang ten times than finally an answer. “Hello, who is this?”
“Hi, it’s Maria, Alex’s friend.”
“Oh, hi. Sorry but he isn’t home right now he went over to his girlfriend’s house. Can I take a message?”
“No, thank you. Do you know where he went to…? I mean the name of his girlfriend?” as I asked I realized I was scared to hear the answer, because I was his girlfriend and he was at another girlfriends house. I had a lot of rage. “His girlfriend’s name is Jane Brandy.”
“Thank you. Bye.”
I hanged up and I was so shocked that I fell down to my knees. How could they do this to me? I thought Alex really loved me, and all of a sudden he’s my best friend’s boyfriend? I couldn’t stand being all alone in my room, so I took off for a walk around the block. When I was walking, I saw a kid in a baseball hat look up at me. He was wearing blue shorts and a green shirt, he had blue eyes.
“I can’t believe you remember me.”
“Of course I would remember you; you were the nicest person to me today.”
“Oh…well what are you doing all alone here?”
“Trying to forget everything. Why?”
“No reason, do you mind if I walk with you?”
“No it’s ok, but what are you doing out?”
“Well I was going to see you actually.”
When he said this, his face turned all red. I wondered why but right at moment I was grateful for having him near me, ‘cause I didn’t want to think about Alex and Jane. Maybe if they had told me why they cheated on me than I wouldn’t be this mad. But they didn’t and now I was filled with rage.
“Maria, did you hear what I said?”
“Oh…sorry what?”
“Would you like me to sit with you at lunch tomorrow?”
“Oh…I guess because nobody else wants to be my friend at that school.”
“That’s not true.”
“Yes it is, even Miguel didn’t want to talk to me.”
“Oh. You mean Miguel? He doesn’t talk to nobody; he came from Paris two years ago.”
“He came form Paris?”
We walked for the rest of the time in silence because I was thinking about Miguel. Maybe he wasn’t so different from me at all. I never thought I would find someone that was so like me. What was hurting me today I would have to deal with tomorrow. Stephan left me at my door step and after I said my goodnight’s I went to my room to finish unpacking. When I was done I took a nice bath to relax. I took cold medicine and than after I picked the clothes I was going to wear tomorrow the pills took affect and I fell unconscious.

The author's comments:
Umm idk what to say this is actually the first story i wrote hope you like it! :)

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Amaria said...
on Sep. 24 2010 at 2:12 pm
thanks yeah it wasmkinda not the final i just wanted to see what people thought.

on Sep. 24 2010 at 2:50 am
Healing_Angel SILVER, Sydney, Other
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Great story! This has potential. Just watch out for grammar and punctuation, but other than that, great story! Lookingforward to reading the rest.