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Joining their Love

September 12, 2010
By maglove97 GOLD, New Hampton, New Jersey
maglove97 GOLD, New Hampton, New Jersey
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It’s over. It’s done.
Those were the first words flying through my head when my best friend told me over I.M. that my boyfriend didn’t like me anymore. I stared at the words on the screen, my mouth agape, my eyes wide.

Coward. Loser. Idiot. Words of hatred and meanness flew through my head. Then, “Why?” I said out loud. “Why couldn’t you just tell me?” I sighed, and logged out. I placed my laptop on the floor, and curled up in a fetal position on my bed. Tears began streaming down my face. As mad as I was at him, at the world, I had to get over it. I had to stop loving him. But love is just so attracting. I didn’t want to let go. I didn’t want to. My hand was glued to the rope that kept me attached to his heart. I was slipping, sliding into the dark waters, away from the light of happiness and love. But then, the light above me seemed dimmer in comparison to below. I looked down, something that I had been avoiding. Below me was a light I had to squint to see through. When my eyes adjusted, I saw my best friends. Leila. Lacy. Faye. Lalasa. Cain. They were all holding their arms out, ready to catch me. I realized slowly they had always been, they had foreseen this. And slowly, I let myself go into their loving arms. I left him, and joined their love.

The author's comments:
I was sad because I found out from my best friend my boyfriend didn't like me anymore. But I talked to her, and another friend, and realized their love was more valuable then his.
P.S. I changed the names of my friends to keep their identity a secret.

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