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His Name Is Bryson (2)

May 9, 2010
By LostAngel DIAMOND, Jersey, New Jersey
LostAngel DIAMOND, Jersey, New Jersey
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“Ok, stay calm Sam, breathe; it’s just a guy’s phone number. An extremely hot guy’s phone number that is, but calm down.” I say to myself to steady my breathing that has now turned to hyperventilating.

I get my phone out of my pocket, put the number in my contacts as just plain “Bryson” but don’t dare to text him right away. That’s the girl code. Every girl knows you can’t text a guy right after you get his number, you would look too interested if you did. And right now, I’m just interested in getting to know him, not becoming his girlfriend.

Let the chase begin. . .

I take my sweet little time with my chores and homework for the day but find it hard to get Bryson out of my mind. Ok, so what if he’s cute? I know nothing about him so I don’t really like him; I just think he is hot.

Soon, I figure it’s time to give in and text him.

Our conversation goes as follows:

Me: Hey. What’s up?
(I figure that’s general enough)
Bryson: Hi and nothing much
Me: You know who this is right?
Bryson: Sam right?
Me: Yep
Bryson: So what r u doing
Me: Watching TV. wbu??
Bryson: On the computer
Me: Cool
(Wow Sam, you’re so lame)
Bryson: So wat r u watching on TV
Me: Glee, wat r u doing on the computer
Bryson: Listening to music
Me: Wat band
Bryson: Blink 182
Me: Love that band
Bryson: Me 2
Me: So, wats ur favorite color
Bryson: Blue
Sam: And, even more random question, do u like anyone
Bryson: Kinda
Sam: Is she a freshman
Bryson: Maybe. . .
Sam: Is her name Sam
Bryson: Ya
Sam: O, y??
Bryson: Cause ur sweet, and cute
Sam: O ok. . .
Bryson: So where is ur locker?
Me: M290
Bryson: I’ll meet u there tomorrow morning
Me: O ok that’s fine
(What the heck!!!!!!!!)
Bryson: And where is ur homeroom
Me: P242 y???
Bryson: I was wondering if I could walk you there. . .
Me: Maybe u can :)
(Little flirting never hurt anyone)
Bryson: C ya tomorrow then
Me: Yep bye

Ok, so not the most romantic conversation of my life but it’s a start. Besides, I’m not letting him win that easy.

(The next morning)

O MY GOD. He’s there, in front of my locker, just like he said he would be. . .

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