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Frozen Love

May 11, 2010
By Gummy_Ummy_Worm BRONZE, Georgetown, California
Gummy_Ummy_Worm BRONZE, Georgetown, California
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Something didn’t feel quite right.

The darkness had a suffocating feeling to it. Like the eerie-ness wasn’t just a feeling, but a presence.

Like it was right there. Standing and waiting to swallow me whole.

Even though the snow covered ground glistened and shone in the moonlight, I still felt like the pitch darkness of the forest around me was going to eat me alive.

The trees surrounded me as I stood. I watch my breath manifest in front of me. I cough a little.

I had been standing out here for at least an hour if not two.

I try to move my legs a few minutes later, but instead I fall face down in the snow. I groan and just shut my eyes. Some how I drag my arms up and dig my nails into the ice cold snow. I shiver a little and pull myself, my muscles screaming in protest, to a tree. I groan and flop my head against the tree.

To make it out of this would be a miracle.

All of a sudden, in the dead silence, I hear footsteps. My eyes shoot open. My vocal cords were frozen and refused to produce sound when I tried to scream. A person comes through the wall of trees and sees me. I stare at the guy that seemed about my age.

He was tall. Maybe 6’3”. He had semi-thick framed glasses but they didn’t take away from his features. Behind the glasses his eyes glowed and shone a beautiful hazel. His strong jaw line was threatening yet soothing at the same time to me. His light brunette hair was slightly long and threatening to cover one of his eyes.

I stare at him. Partly because that’s all I can do…. Partly because he was so amazing looking.

He looks at me and then runs. “Hey, are you alright?!” He sort of shouts, skidding onto his knees and up to me. My heart skipped a beat. He was even more beautiful up close…

He brushes a piece of my hair back behind my ear and I skip another beat. I shut my eyes and clench my teeth, bringing my arm up and ignoring the protests my muscles made. I put my hand to my throat and tap it a few times. “Oh… You can’t speak.” I work and nod. “Can you walk?” He asks as he looks at me. I stare at him with eyes that would speak for me saying ‘really?’ He nods, “No, alright.”

He brushes his arms under my body and lifts me up. My blonde-ish hair swings and brushes against my face. I shut my eyes as my head falls back limply. He holds my head up as he walks. “I’m Lucian by the way,” he tells me as he starts to walk a little faster. I nod and squeeze my eyes shut in pain. “Don’t move. We’ll be at my house in a few minutes or so. Just hang in there.” His voice was like liquid gold. It drew me in with every word he said…

He finally arrives at a large two story house that had a classy image. The second story from the front had three windows side by side. Then a round window for the attic. A large window was at the front of the house. He walks up the sidewalk with me in his arms. He opens the front door to the house.

The front room looked casual. It had a couch and a loveseat, both the same off white color. The carpet was slightly stained but nothing horrible, the color a pale tan.

He walks into a bathroom, which looked completely normal. Nothing special about it. He lies me on the ice cold tile ground gently and my body screams at him a few selected words that I shouldn’t repeat to him once my vocal cords work….

If they work.

He turns the tub water on hot and in only a few minutes I’m in it, clothes and all, de-thawing some.

“I-I’m K-Kimberly.” I fumble. He smiles and nods.

“Your de-thawing.” I nod, shaking. Oh yeah Lucian, it’s great. I can feel all the pain I’m in now. Two thumbs up.

“Y-Your hot.” What did I just say??!! With good humor and a sweet smile he laughs.

“Thanks.” With that, we started to talk more.

I wish this could last forever….

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