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Once Upon A HIgh School Dream

April 28, 2010
By Nessa2k9 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Nessa2k9 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Chapter 1-

“Asia, get out of bed…it’s our first day of school” My sister Alyssa says shaking me. I roll over putting the pillow on my head. “Asia, don’t make me pull that sheet off of you, get ready come on.” “Alyssa, go to school on your own I don’t wanna get up at all.” “Noooo, Asia come on please.” I open my eyes under the pillow. “I’ll go to school when we move back to Connecticut.” “We are not moving back, mom said this is our permanent home, so now let’s go.” And with that she pulled off the sheets. “Alyssa, I don’t wanna go to school in this ugly place, the school probably looks the same way as the streets.”
She sighs and sits on my bed. “Are you drinking? This neighborhood is nice.” I roll my eyes. “You should be on my team.” Her eyebrows rose. “Not really, anyways come on, let’s go, hurry up get up off that dag on bed. Imma be downstairs.” I look at her. “You’re in the 9th grade come on you should be the lousy one.” She smiles. “And you’re in the 10th you should be the yoo-hoo one.” We both laugh. “Alright, Imma go.” She squeals a “Yay” as she leaves my room. I stumble out my bed and walk over to the window. Alyssa was right the neighborhood was nice but Connecticut was way better. I walked over to my unpack closet and chose my clothes.
“Oooo, I love you’re skirt A.” Alyssa says smiling. I look at Alyssa, “Uh…thanks. Can we go?” She gives me a sarcastic smile. “Yeah, I’m ready. Bye ma.” “Bye girls. Asia please no distractions or attitudes.” “Whatever, come on Alyssa.” As we reach outside Alyssa opens her mouth to speak. “Asia calm down on mom, it wasn’t her fault.” Wasn’t her fault? She moved me away from my friends, my boyfriend, and my whole life. And it wasn’t her fault? I think to myself. “Whatever, the bus is coming let’s go.” I say as we both walk towards the bus stop. Alyssa didn’t say anything throughout the whole bus ride neither did I but I got a few glances. Her face was half red but I guess she was trying not to show the pain but it appeared.
The bus stopped in front of this big white school. I heard her voice. “Oh My Gosh, Asia this school is banging.” I glance at the school and the students walking in, out, and around it. “Yeah whatever, school in Connecticut was better” But we both knew that was a lie. “Asia, just have fun…you’re in the 10th grade and there’s a lot of cute boy’s in that school. Look outside.” I roll my eyes. “Unlike you I count on my school work then boys.” She looks at me. “W.e., Imma go sign in, you lucky you don’t have to do what I do.” I just look at her and walk towards the big tower {school} standing in front of me.
I walk in slowly admiring the artwork on the bullington’s. These are nice but I still hate the school. I walk 2 steps down and stop in front of this optical illusion painting. “Wow, this is great,” I whisper to myself kind of loud. I admire the painting more. “Yeah, it really is.” .I hear a voice say behind me, it was nice and deep. I turn around slowly. “This is the best work on the board” I hear the voice speak again. “Yeah it’s nice.” I say and walk on. He follows me. “My name’s Matt by the way” I ignore him and work my way towards the locker number written on the sheet of paper I was holding. “I really didn’t ask though” He smiles. He has a beautiful smile.
“Well, I wanted to tell you just in case we bump into each other again.” I laugh a little. “Sorry it won’t happen.” I say as we both stop at my new locker. I notice that his hair is blocking his eyes; I also notice the haircut that he has. My smile faded, it was the same as Joshua’s, emo haircut. He looks at me. “Is something wrong?” “No, but why are you still here. I don’t talk to strangers.” “I told you my name so therefore I am not a stranger.” I smile but only a little. “Wow she smiles.” I turn to look at him and move my hair away from my eyes.
“You have beautiful eyes” I look at him. “Uh…thanks. I have to get to class.” He looks at me then at my schedule. “You have Ms. Romano. 1st quarter, me too. But we have to get to homeroom first.” I gave him a look. “We?” “Yeah, I’m in Mr. McCartney’s class too.” I look at him then at the ceiling. “Ok, um go on.” He smiles again. “I can’t leave a lady by herself.”
“Uh…yeah you can, Nothings gonna happen to me.” His eyebrow rises. “Nah, I’ll escort you. Come on” I roll my eyes. “W.e.” “Is that a yes?” “W.e.” “Is it?” I sigh. “Yes, now take me to the damn class.” “You gotta be more polite.” I look at him. “You ain’t gonna find that in me, now move I’ll find my own way.” I said and shoved him out my way. “What’s your name?” I turn and look at him.
“The name that was given to me the day of my birth.” He laughs. “You have to turn right.” I look at him and stay silent.
Matt’s POV
She’s the most beautiful girl I ever seen. I need to know her name but that’s going to be kind of hard she is playing hard to get, but I can’t blame her she just meet’s a guy and he’s already telling her his name. Kind of awkward.
I think back to her smile and our small conversation. Well our little introduction.
“Yeah, it really is” I’m sorry I just had to say that. I had to speak to her and that was the most appealing way to do it.
“This is the best work on the board”. I smile looking at her. I noticed a little smile sneak up against her face. “Yeah it’s nice.”
She said in a rich soft voice that made me melt on the inside. “My name’s Matt by the way” I had to tell her my name. “I really didn’t ask though” I hear her say. I felt kind of that but I tried not to show it. I had to get to know this girl no matter how hard she was trying to play.
Then I spoke. “Well I wanted to tell you just in case we meet again” She laughed. This really made my day. She had the best laugh ever.
Am I falling for this girl? But that’s way to quick I just can’t help myself I need to see her again.
Normal POV
“Thanks” and with that said I turn right and into a classroom that was as spotless as ever. Kids were everywhere. “Hello, new world. Goodbye, the old.” I say to myself as I walk towards the teacher’s desk. All eyes were on me by that time. I felt sick.
“Um…Mr. M?” I say looking at the teacher who had half of hair on his head. “Mr. M? That’s not my name it’s Mr. McCartney” I look at him. “W.e., all I need is my schedule for this class.” Mr. M turns to look at me then he looks at all the kids in the class who were all up in my face. “Ooo, she’s disrespectful,” The class giggles. “Ok and your point is?” The class oh’ed. “Excuse me? Ms. He looks at his paper. Rowland” I look at the class. All of a sudden my eyes land on the door. Matt was standing in the door way smiling. He went and sat down. Did I mention I love his walk? “Asia, since you’re new to this school I’m going to give you a break. You’re first and final one.” My attention then fell on Mr. M. “Uh…ok. Thanks.” “You can sit with Jessica and Tom.” I look at Mr. M. “Who are they?” “We’re right here.” I look over at a table where both girl and a boy were raising their hands and smiling non-stop.
I turn to face Mr. M. “Do I have to sit near them?” He nods, “Class I will be right back in 10 min. behave or it’s going to be you’re butts”. I look over at the two cheery kids. I take a long sigh and walk over to the table. “Hi, my name is Jessica Hartley, and this is Tom Ridge.” I look at both of them like they were insane, but they were really CRAZY. “Um…my name’s Asia.” They stared at me insanely. “Do I really have to say my last name?” They nodded at the same time. “It’s the rule.” Tom spoke at an easy pace. “What rule?” “The rule that only losers make up.” Then I hear Matt’s voice. “Dude, shut up.”
I look over at Matt then to the boy he was talking to. He was about 6’1 he was sitting on the opposite side of Tom. “Um who are you?” He laughs. “Did I say something funny?” He stopped laughing. “Woow, she’s hot and feisty. I like.” I glare at him. “He’s weird and ugly. I hate.” The class giggled. “Why do you have to be so rude?” He looks at me. “Why do you have to be so stubborn?” His eyebrow rises. “I am not stubborn.” I laugh. “You must not know the meaning of the word.” “Wow, I see we have another geek in our class.” I laugh. “Geek? That’s better than being an absolute idiot and jerk.” “Mike that’s it, you play around with these girls way to much.” I hear a girl’s voice. “My bad, Lisa” My eyes widen. “Oh, and he’s on major LD. That is fabulous.” I say smiling. Lisa walks over to me. “Look, he’s not on LD, I just shut him down at times.” I look at her. “Um that sounds like MLD to me.” She rolls her eyes. “Well it’s not, newbie.” I laugh. “Newbie? I happen to have a name” She smirks. “Do I look like I care?”
“Lisa…Imma let you slide, but it’s only because I’m new.” She burst into laughter. “Let me slide? Wow you really don’t know me right?” I stand up. “Do I need to know you? Cause from the looks of it you’re an unimportant SOAB” The class oh’ed. She clucks her tongue. “Whatever.” “Yeah, whatever.” I sat back down as she walks away. I open my book bag. I look up. The smell of fresh shampoo filled my nose. Matt was standing right near me. I look at him completely confused. “Um can I help you?” He smiles that smile of his. “No, not really. I just wanted to come over here and talk to you.” I smile; I hope he didn’t catch it because it was a blushing kind of smile. “Who said I wanted to talk to you?” He shrugs. “Me.” I laugh a small laugh. “Um…that’s crazy.” “How?” I shrug. “How am I suppose to know?” I look down at my fingers then up again. He was looking directly in my eyes. We had total eye contact. He had blue iris eyes, they were beautiful. I tried looking away but I couldn’t. “Wow, you have really nice eyes” I heard myself say.
He smiles. “Thanks, you have nice eyes too.” I blush. “You told me that before.” “I know I just wanted to repeat it, just in case you didn’t hear me.” I remove my hair from my eyes. “So you wanna walk to first quarter with me?” He asks. I look at him then at Mike and Lisa.

The author's comments:
Ever had to move out of a place that you loved so much? You try your best to say you hate the next place but then you really dont and you end up finding a crush? Well This story can relate to your situation. Read it and find out the love,drama,and competition.

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