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love turn

March 8, 2010
By keembahhh SILVER, Fullerton, California
keembahhh SILVER, Fullerton, California
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the past is the past[: put it behind you and let it go and it wont come back to bite you in the ass

The swim meet was almost over. All that was left was the relays. As she stood under the canopy talking to her friends and hearing what place they got, he walked over from the pool awaiting what he placed in the 50 meter backstroke. He’s cold and shivering, but then again, he did just get out of the pool. When he walks over, she tries so hard not to look at his abs. A perfect swimmer’s body. She refocuses on his eyes instead and smiles. First smile of the night.

“How did you do in backstroke? It looked like you won.” She keeps looking into his eyes.

“nah, I got second place.” He crosses his arms across his chesy trying to keep what warmth he has.
Her best guy friend walks over, then. Perfect swimmer’s body also and is the boyfriend to my best friend. “Hey”, he’s talking to her as he puts his arm around her other friend’s chilly shoulder.” Doesn’t this guy have a sexy body?” he knows that they both like each other, yet the two don’t know it yet.
“Shut up” , he says, being the shy person they all know. She just smiles, knowing she can’t answer after that. Second smile of the night. Easily, she thinks in her head how great his body really is. Her best guy friend leaves and so does her friend. They start the relays.
He won’t get out her mind now.
The swim meet ends and our school wins no issue. The swimmers go into the locker rooms and the people in the stands start to leave. Except her. Her mind’s on end, thinking of everything and nothing. She sits and waits, but doesn’t know what she is waiting for. She should be hime by now. Her parents are going to be p***ed she is this late. She can’t seem to move though and at the moment, she doesn’t really care. Its dark by now, maybe six thirty. The only things keeping the pool area from being pitch black, are the faint lighting coming from the openings to the locker rooms on both ends of the pool. She is staring at the ground now, not knowing what to do.
“ Hey”, the voice is coming from the direction of the boys locker room. “What are you still doing here?”
It’s him.
“Hey. Um… I don’t really know actually.” She chuckles. A breeaze comes through snd she “s wearing a short-sleeved shirt. She shivers.
“Come over here”. He’s standing about ten feet away from her and the bleachers with his hand stretched out to her. He’s wearing jeans and a heavy navy blue sweatshirt. She walks over to him and accepts his hand. He pulls her into a warm hug. Their hands stay intertwined as she lays her head in his chest and he wraps his arm anound her waist to what she thinks is him keeping the cold away, but in his mind is just keeping her close. After what feels like endlessness, he lets his grip of her waist go and grabs her other hand, smoothly placing his fingers in between hers perfectly. He feels the icyness of it.
“Are you hands warm now?” he asks
“Yeah.” She won’t let go though. He won’t either.
“ so why are you still here?”
“I couldn’t get myself to leave just yet for some reason. Why are you still here?” She was curious.
“I felt that I was leaving something out here important.”
“Did you find it?”
“Yeah, I did.”
“What was it?” She didn’t see anything in sight left over.
“You.” She looked in shock at him. And for the third time that night, all she could do was smile at him. Third smile of the night.
“ You know, that is the third time you have smiled at me tonight.” She swears he was reading her mind. She looks up at him and he looks down at her. She looks into his gorgeous eyes. Never has she before seen eyes like his. They were grey on the edges and faded blue at the center. Then, with no consciousness of what she was doing, she got onto her tippy-toes, and kissed him. Or what he thinks, he kissed her.

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