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April 7, 2009
laurenfromiowa PLATINUM, ., Iowa
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When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be

We both sat there. He tapped his pencil on the desk, I tried as hard as I could to look as tough as I could. The metal desk he was sitting at made a hallow sound when his pencil hit it, and the noise was just about as irritating as the cough you get in the winter, the one you never seem to get over.

We were outside of the attendance office, ready to be yelled out by the eccentric red lipped woman who summoned students who skipped class or consistently failed to be on time. I could hear her shrill voice through the wall and the hard wood door.

I put my head into my hands and massaged my temples trying to get rid of the massive headache I had attained from the tapping. He was still sitting at the desk across from me, and now was tapping even harder.

“Will you either stop that or get me some Tylenol?” I asked with a fake smile on my face.

He half way chuckled and put his pencil behind his ear. The chuckle irritated me further. I rolled my eyes to display my annoyance.

“Attitude much?” He said raising his perfectly arched eyebrows.

“Annoying much?” I fired back raising my hopelessly messy eyebrows.

“Skip class much?” He retorted laughing at his own joke.

“Ha.” I managed to spit out.

We paused for a moment while the woman’s voice in the office got increasingly louder and angrier. My insides were churning as well, deciding on wether I be angry at his comment or take it in stride.

“No seriously.” He said turning around in his chair to face me.

“Come again?” I gave him my best attempt at a patronizing look.

“Skip class much?” He said broad smile across his face.

“Only on days that end with y.” I smirked.

“Makes sense.” He said chuckling to himself once more.

“You skip much?” I said, partially feeling like I was missing out on some joke because of his constant giggling.

“Oh yeah, me. Those Chipotle burritos are just a lot more interesting and tasty then fourth hour Spanish three.” He winked, pencil still behind his ear.

“Badass..” I made my impressed face while he nodded his head as if he was contemplating his own accomplishment of bailing out on Spanish for Chipotle.

“No, just hungry. You’re the badass one.” He said pointing at me.

“I’m bad that’s for sure.” I smiled, my face feeling more relaxed.

“Yes, Well-” He was cut off by the sound of the door opening and the red lipped woman poking her head out and pointing a manicured menacing finger at him.

“My turn.” He brightly said as he popped up with as much enthusiasm as a kindergardener at a circus. I was throughly amused at his Labrador puppy personality.

“Have fun!” I called snickering. The woman with red lips gave me a stare that was meant to get me to close my mouth. The door shut quickly and I kept snickering. Suddenly I didn’t feel like being where I was.

It was as simple as getting up and moving one foot after another for me. It was as simple as finding the nearest exit and my car. It was as simple as putting my keys into the ignition of my car. My tough face had been replaced with one of a much lighter caliber, and I didn’t want to sit anymore. I felt good.

Although, I didn’t quite know where I was going... I had a real craving for Chipotle.

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