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February 1, 2009
By Becca Stewart GOLD, Mason, Ohio
Becca Stewart GOLD, Mason, Ohio
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'Lilliana, Lilliana, hello anyone there, where did you disappear to?' Lilliana heard over the phone as she concentrated on a difficult math equation.
' Ohh I'm sorry Sophia was having difficulties with a math problem and you know that I don't like being called Lilliana, I only like Lily.' she said hastily with a fake note of anger at the end of her lilting voice.

' Ohh of course you were concentrating on math when there's a lot of loud music in the background. How much should I bet that you're at the dance studio waiting for your class to start while watching another class and trying to do homework at the same time?' Sophia said inquiringly , while laughing at her best friend that lived 332 miles away, ' And I only called you that because I knew it would be the fastest way to get your attention missy.'

As they continued their conversation, Lilliana glanced around the dance studio, focusing on her little sister Carlie, who she dearly loved but was an annoying little pest at times. She loved her but sometimes seeing her, especially when dancing as she was now, was painful especially as she reminded her of Nicole, her little sister who had fought a valiant battle against against when she was around Carlie's age. She was constantly scared that she would get something similar to it or Carlie would since her and Nicole were so alike. She had tried to show Carlie how wonderful her older sister had been and was determined to make both herself and Carlie the best people they could possibly be in honor of her. All of the sudden she saw her sister do a complete pirouette in the correct form that her and her instructors had been teaching her to do and she stood up and ran into the dance studio room and yelled out to her sister, ' Great job sweetie, that was perfect!' as she ran over to give her a big hug and swing her around, their matching dark brown hair swirling together, as she heard Sophia's voice say in a confused tone, ' Umm what's going on, am I missing something here?'
'Carlie just got her pirouette,' Lilliana squealed in excitement to her.
' Wow that's amazing! Am I on speaker phone, I want to tell her how proud of her I am!' Lilliana just laughed as she handed over the phone to her sister to talk to Sophia, and walked over to talk to the 5'7 instructer who at that height, was 5 inches taller than her. That instructer commented wryly, ' I assume your excited,' as she looked at her shining eyes and gleaming smile against her slightly pale freckled skin. Lilliana suddenly felt a tugging at her black shorts that covered half of her long legs and looked down to see Carlie holding up the phone and telling her that Sophia wanted to talk to her.

As she walked out of the studio chattering excitedly to her closest friend in the world, she suddenly saw a poster showing a musical that she was planning on seeing when it came to Chicago, and she suddenly asked, ' What week are you coming in to visit?
'Again random much?' Sophia said laughingly as this was a quite common occurrence with them, her being in the middle of a conversation and quickly changing subjects, 'And umm I think the week of June 23. May I ask why or is it just another secret surprise that you won't tell me?'
' Hmm I could just annoy you but I don't know,' she said teasingly and then her voice turned more serious, ' But seriously I think for that week the Legally Blonde musical is in town. I want to see it so badly especially after you rubbing it in my face after you saw it on Broadway last year.'
' True true, I loved that show. It would be amazing to see it again.' And as they continued with their plan of attack to convince their parents to let them go to see the show when she was in town, Sophia flipped her dark brown reddish hair upside down and pulled it up into a messy bun and added more mascara to her hazel eyes and a pinkish red lipgloss to her lips while still chattering excitedly. As her dance friends pranced over to her to let her know that dance was starting, she made her excuses to Sophia and danced off prattering on about some nonsense with her friends. As she thought about her quick personality change from serious and deep to fun and silly in a few seconds she reflected that she was a many layered person and you just had to get to know her to see more of the layers.

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