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The Typical Teenage Life

February 9, 2016
By Mahalabelle GOLD, Leesburg, Indiana
Mahalabelle GOLD, Leesburg, Indiana
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I don't just care about my friends-- I am head-over-heels in love with them.

“I suppose I was never the same since that night. It was a night of terrors, the night the monsters came out from under the bed. The night when he died. Everything reminds me of him. The thought that I bought my dad last meal hangs over me like a cloud. I can't think, can't breathe without depressing memories coming to my head.” Kathy admitted, slowly peering up at the group.
“I am going to go get some orange juice. I'll be right back,” Caleb said as he got up from the table. “And don't touch my phone. I will check for fingerprints.”
“Oh please. Why would I want to touch your phone when I have my own?” Kallie asked. “I mean, my phone is so much newer than yours and it has a better internet connection.” Caleb scoffed as he walked away from the group in the direction of the counter.
“Well, to be quite honest, I don't have a smart phone. I happen to have a dumb phone, in fact I will show you.” Kathy retaliated as she began to dig in her pocket. Across the table, Jacob dug in his pocket as well. They both pulled out flip phones at the exact same moment, smiling at each other's phone. “Finally, I am not the only person in the universe,” Kathy declared.
“It appears so,” he replied as he returned his phone to his pocket. “Bri, can I have my Altoids back? I am going through some serious withdrawal right now and my craving must be tamed.” He smiled his angelic smile and winked in Bri’s direction.
“I told you once and I’m  gonna tell you again. Not until Monday. They are on lockdown for the weekend. They is no way I am going to give you any.” She said, glaring at her phone.
“So what did I miss? Your trip to Rome? Your proposal? Or nothing at all?” Caleb asked ask he sat down with some orange juice and a muffin. He peeled off the paper and broke the muffin in half, laying one piece on the wrapper and began dipping the other in his juice. “If you ask me, I think you should wait on the proposal there. You aren't even dating!” He exclaimed, laughing until he dropped his muffin in his orange juice.
“Hmm… that muffin looked good until you dropped it in your juice. I am going to go order one. Kathy, watch my purse.” Bri declared as she stood up and walked away.
“Kathy, please. I really need an Altoid.” Jacob asked while pouting. Kathy hesitated as she looked him in the eyes, deciding whether or not to let him have an Altoid. Jacob continued to stare intently at her, his blue eyes dancing with laughter and joy. “Please?” He asked.
“Fine,” Kathy sighed, “But if I am caught, I am blaming you.” She quickly glanced around and opened Bri’s purse, finding the Altoids tin. She slowly opened the tin and removed one of the mints, handing it to Jacob.
“You are a life saver Kathy, you truly are. Now, this never happened. You did not break into Bri’s purse and I did not get an Altoid. Got it?” Kathy nodded her head head in response. “Good. Thank you so much Kath.” He gave her a wink just as Bri returned to the table.
As the hours passed, Jacob would occasionally look up at Kathy and just give her a little knowing smile. Is he flirting with me? I Kathy had no answer to that question. Her mom ended their lovely group hang out too soon with a text saying it was time to leave.
“Sorry guys, but my mom says I have to go now. All of you guys have a good night.” Kathy said as she walked outside into the fading afternoon.
“Kathy, wait!” Jacob shouted as he burst through the door. He spun her around and gave her a long, blissful kiss and smiled. Kathy woke up with the feeling of the kiss on her lips.
“It was only a dream,” she whispered.

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