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January 31, 2009
By onemanband101 PLATINUM, Hackettstown, New Jersey
onemanband101 PLATINUM, Hackettstown, New Jersey
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It's coming.

The flood coming. The feelings and memories I've tried to hide for so long are overflowing. There's too much of them, they couldn't be buried any longer.

So now I'm running.

I'm leaving everything behind, I'm leaving nothing. The black river has taken everything I had. The filth of my mind has taken over my sanity, and I can't breathe. I disgust myself.

I don't understand'

'anything, myself, where I am. My dreams turned into nightmares before my eyes. I'm not sure which way to go, which path to take. I can't think with the roar of the water trailing behind me.

Times running out.

The water's up to my knees, and if I wasn't panicking before I am now. It's hard to fight against the current, the current I've created. The actions of my past I wish no one would know about.

I can't see.

The murky mist that hovers above the stream blind me. My words blind me, the cruel words I spat at the ones I love. The words I'd do anything to take back. The doubt that they still love me.

Now I'm drowning.

Lost in my past. The past I wish I could erase. I open my eyes, and they sting as I glare into the darkness. I glare into my heart, knowing that no one would save it.

Too bad I hadn't thought of saving myself.

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on Dec. 22 2010 at 1:40 pm
AmandaPanda123 SILVER, Brookville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Memories are forever.

This is really good! Keep it up! I enjoyed reading the descriptive sentences.