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The lake House

November 26, 2008
By Margaret Seitz BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
Margaret Seitz BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
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She opens her eyes just enough to let the sun peak through. She grabs for her glasses and waits as everything around her comes into focus. The reflection from the water dances upon the ceiling. She gets dressed and walks out onto the balcony entering a whole new world. The sunrise is painted with colors of red and orange in the distance as she reaches out to touch the big beaming sun. The water is crystal clear and motionless. She walks down the old wooden steps catching the newly formed spider webs in her hair. The sand slips through her toes as she walks along the shore. The lake is lifeless and goes on for miles. What a perfect day. She closes her eyes to take a breath of the fresh mountain air. Her throat feels cold and her lungs are clear. She walks on for miles as the shadows of trees drift away and the sky becomes a burning fire. The sun beams land across her face as her cheeks turn pink. The waves roll in as the bright morning sky begins to change. The waves crash along shore as the water numbs her feet. She can feel a mist in the air as the ghostly clouds abruptly appear. The sun is shielded by a ban of clouds as the storm rolls in across the lake. She doesn’t realize how far she drifted until she begins to run. The storm clouds chase her as the leaves rustle in the wind. She can see the balcony in the distance as her legs push her farther. Just as she reaches the old wooden steps the rain pours out of the black clouds above. She made it, she reached her destination, she’s home.

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