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Class Time When Quiet

December 8, 2008
By Anonymous

As Lexi tries to pull a piece of paper out of her binder. It takes her four attempts to obtain a perfect sheet. She folds one end and rips it off. Now with an abnormal piece of paper she begins to write. I get distracted by other voices near me and I look outside. In my sight I see two lights from the football field and a white goal post. I notice Edgar and Susan playing some sort of game. It is probably a game only Edgar would know how to play. I see the clock to my right and I spot the time, 1:33. The substitute strides around the room, studying us. He gives the game players a short story so that they can do an exploration. Someone stands and goes to the bathroom. I scan the room thinking about what I will be doing later. Another person leaves. Lexi is now folding the piece of paper she was writing into something. I look away and I spot that the clothes don’t match. I will now let someone read this.

7 minutes passed on the clock over head. I have come out of my daze and hear the sound of coloring. I look over to Lexi. She folds a paper swan and starts shading it blue. Edgar asks me to read his story. Lexi gives him the swan. She gets up and pulls the tissue out of the box. I begin to read Edgar’s story. I decide Edgar’s story is crap and now I must read it to Lexi. Reading this story again, I still believe it is terrible. Lexi takes out a compact and other make up. She applies it to her face. It now smells very interesting over here. Edgar stares at the posters on the wall and then leaves the room. A girl sharpens here pencil. The time is 2:01, the student teacher walks in and volume increases in the room. I smell Lexi’s Pineapple chap stick. Edgar walks in and hits his head on the flag. Lexi drops her gum and bends down to pick it up. She unwraps it and starts to chew. Edgar wants to know if she can teach him how to make a paper swan. The substitute shows us and sketch he has been doing of us. We are amazed by it. Lexi, Edgar and I take pictures of it. Lexi decided that we should frame it and then hang it up in here. Suddenly the bell rings.

To Be Continued...

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