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A Childs View, The End

June 19, 2013
By zoosteddy GOLD, St. Elizabeth, Alabama
zoosteddy GOLD, St. Elizabeth, Alabama
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walk good and good duppy follow you: Ms. Lewis BennetE

Mama always told me one day a man would come for the earth and his name was god and if I didn’t behave and be a good boy he’d punish me for my sins , I try hard to be a good boy but I sometimes make mistakes like swearing and playing games with Angie in church and sometimes steal sweets from Mr. Roberts shop but I become afraid when mama told me that one day the world will end, I thought of all my many sins that the man called god would punish me for and wonder if he would ever forgive me for the things I’ve done are place his godly wrath upon me mama always said I should pray, but then I heard a knock on mamas door I thought it was aunt Mary and Angie came to play so I got up and ran pass papa to get to the door as papa screams at me to slow down see aunt Mary was mamas best friend and Angie was mine she would always bring sweets for me that she got from the pale light color man that she said was her father but Angie didn’t look anything like him she was dark like me and mama, papa and miss Mary, we use to say that Angie father drop in a glass of milk and that’s why he became so pale and laughed but sometime Angie would get sad because the other kids would tease her about it one time this big head kid called Marko tease poor Angie till she cried and I felt bad for Angie and hit Marko with a big stone ,blood started running from his head and I ran so fast no one could catch me because I was scared that he was going to die, and they were going to take me away like they did my brother Jake and never let me go but mama found me under the fowl pen hiding away, I was scared to come from under their I wouldn’t move till papa came, mama beat me that night with a wrath and tell me that god doesn’t loves a fight and I was wrong for doing it, for weeks my bottom was sore it was so bad that grand ma Betty had to rub it every night with olive ole mama felt bad for beating me every time she did and would always buy me sweets and let me play in the fields till late whenever she would beat me but I always loved mama even when she beat me. papa still screaming at me to slow down when mama opened the door a big pale man was standing their with a whip in his hand yelling papas name as mama scream to papa run the men barge in and shoved mama to the floor as another one stood over her pulling her to the ground I heard aunty Mary screams from outside “let har guh, let har guh” mama yelling Danielle, Danielle, Danielle as the pale man pulled her away aunt Mary came into the house and hold me in her arms yelling no to the other pale man “no,no,no,no” as he took me away.

Our Father, who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,
For Thine is the kingdom
and the power, and the glory, forever.

The author's comments:
i wanted to capyure something through a childs eyes hope its ok

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