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Mission Accomplished

December 10, 2012
By Fashionista828 PLATINUM, Vienna, Virginia
Fashionista828 PLATINUM, Vienna, Virginia
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I got in trouble today.
I told my friend Jack that my parents were superheroes. He didn’t believe me. He said,
“You’re a liar, and your pants are on fire!”
“Am not! My parents are superheroes!”
He stuck he tongue out at me. I was really mad at Jack. I felt my tummy get all hot and my eyes got all wet. Then I grabbed Jack’s tongue.
He screamed. I let go ‘cause it was really slimy. And I felt better. But now I do not feel good. I feel bad. I’m sitting in a big kid chair in the office.
My parents were called. But I know they are not coming. They are on a mission. A far away mission. A long mission. So Nana came to pick me up. She didn’t yell at me.
The principal didn’t yell either. I was confused. I felt like I was in trouble. But no one acted like I was in trouble. They just told me to never grab Jack’s tongue like that again.
When we left the office, Nana told me to go get my stuff while she finished talking to the principal. I ran down the hallway and grabbed my backpack, my coat, and my superhero lunch box. I wish that it had my parents on it but it just had stupid Captain America. He wasn’t even real. My parents are real.
When I waited at the doorway, Nana and the principal walked slowly toward me. I could hear what they were saying even though they were whispering.
“When did this story begin?” the principal said.
“Right after the accident.”
“Did you even tell him the truth? Or did he fathom this from his own mind?”
“I did tell him, but he just reassured me that they’ll regenerate, because that’s what all superheroes do. They always come back to life. I guess he thought of this story before the accident.”
The principal nodded her head and handed my Nana a card. I could read the card. It said pycaiatrist. There were numbers on the card and something with the swirly ‘a’ in it. Nana put it in her pocket and then took my hand.
I let go. I didn’t like Nana anymore. I ran out the doors. I didn’t want to be near Nana or the principal.
It was cold outside. I put on my jacket and waited. I wanted my parents. My eyes got all wet again. And then my cheeks got wet too. I shut my eyes and said a little prayer.
“Please bring my parents back to me. They have been gone too long. The world needs their help. I need their help.”
I squeezed my eyes shut and kept them shut. Then I felt arms hug me. I thought it was my Nana so I said,
“I don’t like you anymore.”
“Are you sure sweetie?”
I opened my eyes when I heard my mom’s voice. My mom and dad were standing in front of me.
“MOM! DAD! How’d it go?”
They looked to each other and said,
“Mission Accomplished.”

The author's comments:
This was from a prompt to write a story in a child's point of view.

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