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I am who I am

July 6, 2012
By these-roses GOLD, Bristol, Indiana
these-roses GOLD, Bristol, Indiana
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"fight fight fight fight!"
the crowd of kids roared at Lee. Jason Mast was the biggest toughest kid in school. He tormented everyone and anyone. pushing kids in the hallway, shoving them into lockers, kicking, punching, and giving Lee a swirly. Jason was very tall, and build like a boxer. sandy hair blue eyes.Lee thought he was very handsome. but that's why Lee got picked on.
Lee was gay.
The crowd of kids gathered around them yelling "fight". But that wasn't important. The important thing to do was stay alive and only get a bloody nose.
"Whats the matter Lee? To much of a girl to fight?" Jason towered over Lee like the empire state building to an ant. Jason was a high school student, Lee was in fifth grade. Lee gulped down his fear to appear nonchalant about the entire thing.
"You probably still have your mom kiss your cuts." Lee said
that made Jason's face burn like fire. Lee was afraid that smoke might come billowing out of his ears any minute. But after a minute he cooled down. Quick as a flash a fist slammed into his mouth.
Lee's lip split and blood oozed out. He licked it, tasting his own salty blood. Lee knew he could never beat this guy. He was two feet taller, build strongly and was a football jock. Lee was a nerdy kid with skinny arms, big glasses and white blond hair. Lee looked up at Jason with his out of place black eyes.
Just as Jason was about to give another blow Lee said "You can punch me all you want, you can give me a thousand swirly's. You can give me a black eye every day," His voice grew louder with every word "But you will never change who I am. EVER! DO YOU GET THAT? NO ONE CAN CHANGE WHO I AM! I AM ME!"
Jason looked taken aback. With one last swing at Lee he backed out of the group with a horrible sneer on his face. Lee looked him strait in the eye, not backing down. When Jason left everyone was silent, looking at him curiously. Lee got up from his knees and said quietly but loud enough for all to hear.

"I am who I am."

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