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The little blue and pink house

June 4, 2012
By Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
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They sat down across from me, they're hands folded in each others. The news is going to hurt them, but its best if they hear it from me and not one of their many friends, or from her. I took a deep breath preparing to tell them.

“Mom, dad, Lisa and I are getting a divorce.” I looked down at my clasped hands trying hard to ignore they're hard glares on my back.

“Divorce!” Mother shrieked. I shifted my gaze to meet hers. Her eyes held a fire in them. “Why on earth would you and Lisa be getting a divorce!” I looked to my father seeking help, he avoided my gaze his usual smile turned down in a frown.

“We just don't love each other any more.” I told my mother which was half the truth.

“Don't love each other! How do you fall out of love after ten years of being together?!” My mother questioned.

“I don't know mom, you just do.” I closed my eyes and rubbed my forehead, a headache was coming along.

“Did she leave you?” My father asked, his soft gentle voice turned hard and rough. I shook my head

“You left her!” My mother exclaimed again

“Whatever for?” my father questioned. “You and lisa were high school sweet hearts, you were happy and very much in love. How do you walk away from that? How do you walk away from someone you been with for over ten years?” I met his gaze, my father is a smart man, i'll let him figure it out on his own. His eyes shift as he pieced together the pieces. “There's someone else.” He said in disbelief.

“Yes I had an affair.” I admitted glad to get that weight off my chest.

“With who?” My mother whispered

“A coworker at the firm, her name is Janis.”

“How long have you been-you know.” Father asked.

“A year.” I answerd with confidence behind my voice.

“A YEAR!” Mother shouted that i'm sure the neighbors heard.

“Yes mother Janis and I were having an affair for a year.”

“Why John? Why did you do this to Lisa?”

“Because mom, lisa and I were just not feeling it anymore and when I met Janis, she made me feel so much more. I was more in love with Janis then I ever was with Lisa.”

“I don't care how much in love with her you are! You cheated! CHEATED! Didn't we raise you better?” My father stood shouting his face red with rage his little pudgy finger in my face.

“Yes father you did raise me better, but I feel love and there is nothing you can do about it!” I stood up to my full height towering over my dad.

“I love Janis and as soon as I divorce Lisa, we are going to get married. I would like it if you came to our wedding.”

“LIke he** i'm going to your wedding, when you should still be married to LISA! None the less I refuse to be in the same room as a WH***!” My dad yelled up in my face.

“Janis is not a wh***!” I yelled back “She is the mother of my son!” MY father's red face went pale as he slowly lowered himself to the couch.

“She is carrying my baby boy, thats why im leaving lisa, thats why im marrying Janis.”

“Your marrying her because of the child?” My mother asked tears in her eyes.

“No i'm marrying her because I love her. It does not matter if there is a child, just an extra bonus. I just wish I left Lisa sooner.”

“A child.” My father whispered. I knelt on my knees and took his hands in mine.

“Yes father a boy. A little boy, your going to be a grandfather.” I saw tear come from his eye and dripped down his cheek. Just when I thought everything was going to be fine, just when I thought that he would accept the fact that i'm getting a divorce he told me to leave.

“Out. I want you out of my house. I won't have a sinner for a son.” I couldn't believe my ears, why was my father saying these things? I was his son, why won't he just realize that.

“OUT!” He yelled down in my face and pulled his hands from mine. I stood up and placed one foot in front of another as I made my way to the door. This is the last time I'm ever going to come here. This is that last time I'm ever going to see the little pink and blue house on the hill.

“I was going to name him Richard, after you, dad.” Those were the last words I said as I stepped out of the the house I grew up in. The little blue and pink house.

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