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How to Love An Un-Built House

March 8, 2012
By MaddiK BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
MaddiK BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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There is a strange feeling you get, when you are at this one place I know of, and there are simple steps that will bring you to this strange understanding, but if these steps are not followed closely, you will never experience the serenity that fills you. So here, my dear friend, take this advice, and enter a world like no other. Step one; find a construction site, one that is abandoned, for now. Though, to embrace this sanctuary in progress's true feeling, you must come on a weekend. Step two; enter the half house of your choice. Step three, sit. Begin to look around, at the beams that stand tall in the middle of the large, hollow block, which will soon separate rooms. The place smells good. Fresh saw dust and soft cleaning chemicals dominate the walls. It smells safe, as if you know that nothing can harm you, inside this place you trust. Yet this is far from true, for there are many a nail and loose boards that, without careful awareness, could harm you severely. It's light there, and windows without shades and curtains, still complete with their plastic lining and labels, lay on the ground near holes where they are soon to be placed. Piping runs through in the oddest of places, of all different colors, grey, gold, and metallic mostly. They swirl, they twist, and they turn, all in purposeful directions that will make your eyes trace them until you both reach their desired locations. Stare, if you must, at the wooden stalks and beams, and their grooves that travel smoothly up to the sky. Depending on the place house, and any other influence there could be, you may or may not notice metal scattered around, and they may happen to be used containers, or old scraps of air ducts, but no matter. If you look into them, you could possibly see yourself, most likely in pure bliss, and this brings you to step 4. Step 4, wander around the soon to be house, even pace if you like, but be sure to imagine, what will become of this place. Maybe this room will become the kid’s play room, and maybe that will be the living room, and I bet that’s the master bedroom. This place, this location, already has a story, and though it may be a small one, it’s still there. And maybe a new one will come soon, and maybe it will come later, but it will come to this place, like all others, soon enough. Happy, sad, joyful, melancholy, it will not matter, for it will still be a memory, a story to tell. So, take haste when you get to the final step, step 5, for you mustn’t disrupt the loud silence with your own story. Step 5; listen to the houses story. Listen to what this place has to tell to you. Be careful however, for it does not have unlimited time, and neither do you. So, as you follow these steps carefully, let your mind proceed with its daily jobs, leave it behind, for you will not need something as naive as your mind. For this, my friend, is how to love an un-built house.

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This was a school project we had to do, and I decided to publish it!!!

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