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New Beginnings

February 24, 2012
By ScarletMassacre GOLD, Burkeville, Virginia
ScarletMassacre GOLD, Burkeville, Virginia
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"The hardest ones to love are the ones that need it the most." - Jacoby Shaddix

Darkness falls on a summer eve, blanketing the sky with a shimmering, deep purple, velveteen cover. The moon centers herself high amidst the stars, embracing the earth with long, graceful arms of light. Trees cover the horizon, casting their long shadows over the peaceful land. Deep in the heart of the woods, a solitary figure sits, listening to the music of the night.

Tears stream down her gentle face as she stares into the rushing river below her. She sits on the edge of a large rock, dangling her torn, bleeding, muddy feet into the icy water. Her once beautiful white dress is now dirty and shredded, torn up to her thighs, exposing her pale, silky skin, covered now with tiny bumps from the chill of the water.

Her hair, once pulled back into an intricate bun, is now ruined, leaves and twigs caught all within. Long, glossy, mahogany strands fall around her illuminated face in a tangled mess. Her full lips quiver as tears flow from her almond-shaped emerald eyes, as her black mascara runs from her lengthy eyelashes. Dangling chandelier earrings hang from her lobes, the diamonds throwing stars through the trees from the moonlight.

A soft, delicate hand reaches to the other, elongated, graceful fingers wrapping around the ring on her left hand. She jerks it off violently, holding it close to her face for a moment of inspection. Her vision blurs with hot, angry tears, and she throws the ring into the river, watching it catch in the current and be carried away into the unknown.

Unlacing her outer corset, she is finally able to breathe. Her nimble fingers wrap around a thin chain as she unhooks the hidden treasure from her bodice. A small, heart-shaped locket dangles from the end of the chain, her hand curling lovingly around it.

She opens the locket, greeted by the warming smile of her deceased brother. Her bloodshot eyes burn from crying, her tears now dried on her flushed cheeks. Memories of his last words to her flood through her mind, and she hooks the chain around her neck. Standing up, she looks at her reflection in the river once more, taking a deep breath.

She jumps, colliding with the cool water. Under she goes, letting the river wash away her mistakes, worries, fears, regrets. As she returns to the surface, she hears her brother’s words once more. She steps out of the water, ready to begin anew. Her metamorphosis is now like a butterfly; she has transformed. She has broken free from her shell; now she will fly alone, a beautiful free spirit in a black and white world.

“Never let anyone define who you are, for in doing so you become a creation of someone else. Your spirit and soul are a canvas for you to define yourself upon. Don’t EVER let anyone else vandalize the beautiful art your life has become.” –The brother’s final words

The author's comments:
This piece is actually from a dream I had not too long ago. I had recently been struggling with feelings of confinement and overbearing issues. When I went to sleep that night, this is what I dreamt, helping me to release my mind and soul from the chains that had been holding me back.

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