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Back to Paradise

February 21, 2012
By Behind-The-Illusion GOLD, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
Behind-The-Illusion GOLD, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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I stroll quietly into the living room of my grandparent’s comforting house. They lay slouched on their soft brown couch as they discuss ideas about our upcoming summer trip. As they mumble back and forth among the different plans, I eagerly interrupt to discover the news. After what had seemed like a century, he opened his mouth with a moment of hesitance. After his pause, he looked up at my curious face and smiled.

“Hawaii. How’s about Hawaii this summer?” His heartwarming chuckle made his words sound promising.

My mind suddenly faded away. Faded back into the memories of the summer I spent so long ago on the island of paradise.

I observantly stare out passed gentle palm trees dancing in the soothing breeze. My golden brown locks sway in constancy with the cool draft. The moist humidity wraps around my face and enters my nose. Every muscle in my body is relaxed and my soul is at peace. I am barely able to define the sunset escaping into the deep ocean as night creeps in. This was our first night in the tropical city of Oahu.

While I relaxed on the lofty balcony of level five, my grandma began unpacking our suitcases. I gazed up at the twinkling stars and admired how they reflected on the still ocean. There wasn’t a single soul to be found on the beach. It’s innocence caught my questioning eyes and lured me in. I knew this would be the perfect chance to escape to the sand covered wonder. I conversed with grandpa about the idea f me going to explore. He shook his head in that “you-silly-girl” look and then smiled. I nodded at his humorous smirk and began pace walking to the lobby.

Groups of families are hectically checking in and out as I enter the large foyer. I stroll pass the busy restrooms and open the exit door leading to the seashore. The crickets chirping become a constant beat inside my head. Almost enough to make a song inside my mind. I step onto the ticklish grass and kick off my flip-flops. The ocean lies still, but the waves dance gently up onto the naïve shore. I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and step into the gritty sand. Its dampness squishes between my toes as I continue towards the water.

I then sit, staring in fascination at the life around me. I slide my feet down into the tide so that they barely touch the water. With my early morning and long flight, my weariness lays me back into the kind sand. I escape through the soothing music of nature. Before too long, my moment was interrupted by a worried voice. I peered over to see my grandma standing over me.

“It’s getting late dear,” her tone was comforting “you better come in for bed.”

I sigh and chuckle to myself, “Okay gram.” Seconds pass until I get up to head in.

“Alicia… Alicia?”

“Huh?” I mumble as I come back to my senses.

“So… what do you think about going to Hawaii this summer? Asks my confused grandpa.

“Oh! Yes I would love to go there again!” I laughed excitedly to myself.

The author's comments:
I have been to Hawaii a few times and I love the culture and beauty of the islands.

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