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His House

January 13, 2012
By MaddiK BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
MaddiK BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Part 1; Cady
“I hate this carpet.”
“It’s too…too…red. Yes that’s it, the carpet is too red.”
“Are you even listening to me?”
“Seriously, look at this carpet. What a terrible color. An ugly crimson red? Who wants carpet that looks like blood?”
Cady rolled her eyes. “Go die in a hole.”
“Melanie! Will you please give me more than a one word answer?” Cady snapped, flustered. Melanie just shrugged. Cady rolled over onto her back.
“Where is he anyways?”
Melanie, also on her back, eyes closed, shrugged.
“I mean, he invites us over to his house, lacking furniture, forcing us to sit on the ground, excuses himself, and leaves for almost fifteen minutes! You sure have a great choice in friends, Melanie.”
“Yup.” Melanie said popping the p softly, her first sign of acknowledgement since they arrived.
“I mean, doesn’t it seem even the slightest bit odd that Jarred doesn’t have a single piece of furniture in his entire living room?”
Melanie shrugged. “Maybe.”
The floor creaked and a tall lanky figure towered over them.
“Finally.” Cady muttered under her breath.
Jarred wasn’t exactly your typical guy. The scar running down his right hand cheek seemed to glow ominously, his greasy black hair halfheartedly cut near his jaw line screamed psycho. At least, that was what Cady thought. Some part of him must attract Melanie; maybe it was his quietness that was so similar to hers that had drawn her to him. But it didn’t really matter now; she was here, Melanie was here, and Jarred was here.
“Melanie, can I speak with you for a moment? Alone?” Jarred spoke slowly in a monotone. Melanie, equally slowly, got up and walked to the doorway where Jarred stood. Then they both disappeared behind the hall.
Part 2; Melanie
Melanie didn’t really like Jarred; she just found a certain pity toward him. She knew what it was like to be stared at, be whispered at for her ever silence.

After the door closed behind them, Melanie found herself looking at the first piece of furniture since she arrived; two wooden, crimson painted chairs.

“Please, sit.” Jarred murmured.

“Okay,” Melanie said. “but shouldn’t you be inviting Cady in as well?”
A quick sliver of anger flashed through Jarred’s face. “Yes, of course. I will get her now.”
Satisfied, Melanie nodded.
What felt like half an hour later, but Melanie had no way of telling so she assumed it just felt that way, Jarred came back through the door.
“I could not find her, she must have left.”
Not sure how to react, Melanie nodded again. She found it odd that Cady had left without telling her, but she figured that something had happened and she had to rush out.
“Listen, Melanie, Some things have come up, it would be best for you to come back another time.”
As Jarred lead Melanie to back to the door, she couldn’t help but notice that the crimson carpet looked a little more crimson than before.

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TTTeeSS GOLD said...
on Mar. 6 2012 at 6:03 pm
TTTeeSS GOLD, La Porte, Colorado
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I love this piece! One of my favorites! I'd actually like to hear more. I remember getting goosebumps when I first heard it!