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In my dreams

November 10, 2011
By writer101 BRONZE, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
writer101 BRONZE, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
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In my dreams I see the same thing every time. A girl sitting in the corner sobbing. The room is dark and empty except for the girl. She wares a pail whit dress much like her skin. Her red hair is matted. One night I called her over to me but still she did nothing but continue to sob. I walked over to her and asked her”why are you crying?' She replied “why aren't you,” those words being the first thing I have seen her do. I asked her what she meant not exactly sure what the meaning of the words she spoke meant. She looked at me I say that she had bright green eyes but had a sad look on her face. She than spoke to me again”The world is ruined.”Those words did not make any more sense to me than her first words spoken. Then some thing I did not expect to happen happened she stood and looked me strait in the eyes. Then she began to speak again “People are dieing,kids are starving,and war is every where. The world is ruined and this time I'm afraid there will be no fixing it. You people focus on power,money and objects that do not matter at all.”I stand there completely still shocked at what the girl said. I was even more shocked about my feelings of what she said. Then the dream ended leaving me sitting in the dark of my room. I knew the girl was right,that every thing she said was true. I sat there thinking to myself how I could change that. How could I make that statement false. From then on I did every thing I could to make a difference. The last time I saw the girl she was in a different place a place with light now coming from a window. Even if that was a few years ago I still remembered the things she said to me that night.

The author's comments:
just to tell you no i did not have a dream like this the idea just came to me.

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