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Snap Decision

July 23, 2011
By f1ndmycure2013 BRONZE, -, Alabama
f1ndmycure2013 BRONZE, -, Alabama
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“I think I’m getting sick,” Josi said to her boyfriend one day on the phone.
“Why?” he asked.
“I just have that feeling like I’m getting a cold,” she replied then sighed saying she had to go.


Days later, Josi was sitting in the doctors room, about to get news that would change her life forever.
She called her boyfriend as soon as she got in the car. He picked up immediately, knowing she was at the doctor. “Well, I never got a cold. But my liver is failing,” she said. As she said it, her voice cracked against her will.
“Babe…” was all Mike could muster up.
“Meet me at the park,” she said and hung up.


Josi sat on a bench, waiting. She sat with her arms around her knees, her knees to her chest. She waited for an hour, and Mike never showed up. She checked her phone every five minutes. Finally, she left. She got in her car, chose a direction, and drove.


After an entire afternoon of driving, it finally got dark. Josi no longer recognized where she was. A few hours before, she had noticed a sign saying she entered Texas. Now on a two lane back road, she didn't care anymore. She saw the headlights of the semi coming towards her and in an instant she made the snap decision to swerve in front of it. As she did she muttered her last words, “I’m sorry”.

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