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April 27, 2011
By julia2133girl BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
julia2133girl BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
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Chapter one

“Can you hurry up sister?” Macy grouched from the back of Odyssey’s car.

“I’m trying. I want to get to school in one piece and I’d rather be late then get a ticket.” Odessey yelled trying to keep her calm and image together.

She most definitely hated driving her younger sister to school, mall, friends, you name it she just had to and it was getting on her last nerve. She also especially despised being late because of her. Right this minute her best friends were waiting for her but she was on the road with the one she called her sister.

“Well I don’t want to be late, unlike some people I have a boyfriend waiting for me.” Her sister sighed loudly.

“We wouldn’t be late if it weren’t for your slow sluggish self.” Odyssey defended.

It was true that if Macy hadn’t taken so long with her reflection then they wouldn’t be fighting over minutes they had lost.

Odyssey slowed the car down at a red light clutching the wheel hard to let the anger that was building go. She tried the breathing exercises she’d taught herself when she couldn’t stand to hear, see or smell her sister. As she tried breathing in and out she looked her sister in the rearview mirror glaring her topaz colored eyes to squints.

“Why don’t you just take the bus to school?” Odyssey squeaked through her anger. The light turned green and she revved her engine. She headed straight through the tree covered streets and sunshine. It looked like it was going to be a good autumn day.

Her sister gasped like she was having a heart attack. “Are you crazy?” Macy asked actually glaring at her sister. “I wouldn’t get caught in that.” She made a disgusted face.

“Well if you keep making me late then you better believe that you’ll be in one.” Odyssey said turning into Grove Street passing a grocery store. Then making a right at Glen clove almost toward school where she would be safe form her nightmare of a sister. She made another right into the front of her school (Marlin Crompton High school) which was crowded with cars. Looking for a parking and not trying to crash she quickly found one and took it. Before she could shut the car of and put it to gear Macy imediantly grabbed her things and took of without a thanks but with a huff.

“Your welcome.” Odyssey said into the sunny filled sky as she closed the door to her red mini cooper.


“Took you long enough.” Odyssey’s best friend Camry yelled even though the hall was partially empty. But that’s just one of the things she loved about her she wasn’t afraid to be bold or yell even if it got her in trouble. Like right this minute when they were five minutes late. She checked. Odysseys two other friends were standing by her locker with smiles plastered to their faces like they were being judged in a beauty pageant for their smiles.

“I’m sorry you guys. You didn’t have to wait for me.” She told them.

“Of course we have to. That’s what friends are for. Oh and getting you to the greatest parties ever.” Jasmine cocked her shiny silky black hair and smirked then she twirled in her black side buckle booties like a ballerina. She stopped on the blue and white hallway checkered tiles as she came closer to Odyssey then grabbed her hands and twirled her around. As they stopped Jasmine kissed both her cheeks like they were long lost friends who hadn’t seen each other since last year and hugged her.
Odyssey couldn’t help but smile at her. Jasmine who was known for her perfect fashion since, great at getting into parties and had the hottest brother imaginable except maybe for Matt. Plus her cocoa colored skin and brilliant tallness like a model and really brilliant green eyes made her hard to not notice.

“Show off.” Joy said under her breath but she was smiling.

“Nice outfit show off.” Odyssey joked when they were through with the hug.

“Thank you.” Jasmine bowed. She modeled her purple Shoulder Ruche dress and posed.

“This isn’t a fashion show Jasmine.” Joy said loudly interrupting them from the show. “Were late for first period and you know Mrs. Garrison doesn’t like tardies. Me either.” Joy removed her black designer glasses and rubbed her amber eyes like she was really tired of things but Odyssey knew that really Joy wanted to beat the school president at everything from tests to being liked by everyone and being tardy was just asking to give up that spot. Odyssey also knew that Joy was brilliant in the head and really wanted to be the school president.

She turned her black curly head to Joy.

“You didn’t have to wait for me Joy. You know I come to school late for one reason, I’d hate to see you loose your position as president because of me.” Odyssey felt it hard to breath for causing trouble for all her friends.

“It’s ok but you know I would wait for you like the others would.” Joy said giving Odyssey a reassuring smile as Odyssey walked to her locker and her other friends. She opened her locker grabbing her history and geometry books and closing it quickly turning to a curious Camry.

“So was it your demon sister who made you late for the….” Camry paused thinking for the next words. “Fiftieth time?”

“Of course it was.” Joy answered before Odyssey could. “Who else would make her late?”

Odyssey nodded feeling her cheeks get hot. Her besties knew everything about her from her lack of having a boyfriend to her most embarrassing times in middle school. They all started walking Odyssey beside Camry and Jasmine and Joy at the end.

“So what are we going to tell Mrs. Garrison this time?” Joy asked breaking their quiet walk to history class.

Before Odyssey could answer Jasmine stopped and gasped with a surprised look in her jade eyes.

“I almost for got to tell you guys.” She put her calm smile on. Making all of them squirm. It could be anything that’s what Jasmine liked to do.

“OK tell us.” Camry yelled causing them to glare at her. “Sorry. I can’t help it.”

“Were going to Kayla’s pool party tonight.” Jasmine finally said after glaring a Camry.

Odyssey could feel her mood change and her breathing stop for a minute. She hated having to come along to parties where no one really knew her but for having cool friends. Everyone knew Jasmine which meant they got into the wildest coolest parties of the year. Odyssey was still surprised to have them as her friends. She still didn’t know how it happened but she did know that she loved them all. Guess one party could change everything.

“YAY.” Camry screamed hugging Jasmine.

“Shhhh Camry.” Joy told her putting her pointer finger to her lips.

“Ok mom.” Camry said smirking putting an arm around Odyssey causing all of them to do the same. As they started walking again they finally came near their history class. The door was closed.

“Make up/ clothes check.” Jasmine said removing herself from the group backing a little away form them checking each of them one by one. Jasmine took out her compact mirror and so did the others even though Odyssey didn’t bother with makeup. Odyssey loved to look natural even if she could use a little work. After a while of checking her look of black curly hair and topaz eyes which were turning blue she looked up from the mirror at Jasmine who was checking her hair and reapplying lip gloss.

“Perfect.” Jasmine finally said while putting the mirror and lip gloss away. “Let me inspect you cause a girl without fashion sense and beauty isn’t anything at all.”

Everyone knew that Jasmine was going to be famous fashion designer/ singer/ judged on America’s next top model one day. They all stood straight all of them giving hopeful looks toward Jasmine to see if they passed the inspection.

“Odyssey please take that black trench coat off. It’s so not the right thing to wear on a hot sunny day plus you need to show of your curves and stop hiding.” Jasmine said. Odyssey did as she was told even though she couldn’t believe she had anything to show off. “I really like the red floral dolman tunic, those cute bangles are to die for, oh and those red feather linear earrings are just gorgeous but those plaid flats are not that cute. Remember that. Just come by my locker later on I think I have some black heels that would look great on you in my locker.”

Jasmine moved on to Camry who was wearing a purple-pink animal rose tank, faded and destroyed Capri jeans, a rhinestone ring and short Jersey 3 buckle boots. Odyssey thought it was perfect. “Camry nice pick very cleaver but more lip gloss.

When Camry fished out for lip gloss Jasmine moved in to look over Joy who looked striking in a charmeuse zebra skirt, safari print ruffle top and black peep toe heels with blue feather chain earrings to top it off. She looked foreign but cute. “You are perfect Joy.” Jasmine finally said. “Like always perfect ten.” Joy smiled at that. She loved to be perfect in everything she did. She also loved being rich and smart in their group and having successful smart parents.

“Ok let’s go.” Jasmine said hovering by the history class door shaking her black hair for volume.

As they walked into the classroom Odyssey spotted her crush. Matt who was but of course looking at Jasmine who everyone was looking at.

“Is there a reason you girls are late?” Mrs. Garrison asked from her desk looking up at them from her laptop which the school had just gotten a week ago probably checking her attendance sheet.

“No Mrs. Garrison.” Joy said. Her amber eyes looked made her look striking as she spoke.

“We won’t be late again.” Camry said. “Or try not to.” Then she wiggled her red eyebrows and winked to the class.

Everyone laughed at Camry’s joke which caused Joy to glare at her un-seriousness.

“Well get to your seats.” Mrs. Garrison sighed. “Were about to take a test.”

Everyone groaned except for Joy who looked like she was going to conquer the world. Odyssey took to her seat next to her crush’s left seat. She felt nervous as she sat down. Matt looked over at Odyssey and smiled his brilliant blue eyes sparkling which made her blush. She looked down at her desk trying to get her breathing right.

“Ok so you all know the test rules. You may use your notes if you took any.” Mrs. Garrison looked everyone in the eye as she talked. “No talking or using your singular devices.”

Mrs. Garrison took out the tests from her desk. “Mat could you please pass out the tests for me?” she walked on by to Matt who nodded and took them from her. As he stood up Odyssey’s heart pounded she was ready to pass out from the heat coming from her cheeks. When he got to her desk he handed her the test. She looked up at Matt who winked at her as he passed by. Wow, he just winked at me. She thought as shivers went down her spine.

But when she looked at her test and found their were forty questions she actually groaned and sighed. This wouldn’t happen if I was famous she thought wishing she were anywhere other then this class.

The author's comments:
i've always wanted to be famous so i thought some else could get my imagination of fame in my way.

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