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In the Army of God Part III.

December 4, 2010
By Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
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"Don't tell me 'sky's the limit' when there are footprints on the moon."

Scene 6: (Angel camp…Michael, Tiffany, and Anthony are debating a plan)
Michael: …Wormwood escaped, but we found information about Legion’s plans
Tiffany: He said they may try to fight us with two their warriors
Anthony: (pacing back and forth) What would Hannah into a trap really easily? (thinks) Oh I know! She has troubles with guys! Maybe that’s what they’re planning for!
Tiffany: How do you know that’s she gets really vulnerable around guys.
Anthony: Well my friend’s friend who found out from another friend….
Michael: You see! People in your day and age live around Gossip! She’s a very strong warrior, and she’s getting stronger. (hits reality) That must be one of the warriors they’re sending out! But who are the others?
Tiffany: Maybe they’re sending out Rage again! He’s really tough!
Michael: No…he’s also really wounded. Maybe they’ll send out Selfishness
Anthony: True, Selfishness and Lust are involved with Gossip a lot…hey is Lust a warrior?
Michael: Technically, she isn’t. She’s a lieutenant. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t fierce. Lust can often break down many barriers with the opposite gender. Lust blocks men from seeing the real beauty that girls are.
Tiffany: Aww (puts hand on heart) that was so deep. If only guys would talk that way. The world would be a better place.
Anthony: Very true
Michael: This is going to be a hard battle…Gabriel! (Gabriel runs on stage) we need three warriors to fight. Who will they be?
Gabriel: How about Patience
Michael: Good, Patience is a very good virtue to fight Lust. He helps build up barriers that Lust breaks down.
Gabriel: Self-control
Michael: Hannah seems to strengthen that warrior a lot
Gabriel: And Love
Tiffany: Are you going to send Love in again? (skeptical) Won’t she be tired?
Gabriel: We try to strengthen warriors the best we can. Love is Hannah’s strongest warrior.
Anthony: Ok, I think Hannah may win this battle
Gabriel: She MIGHT keep in mind that Lust and Gossip are very strong and very deadly. Are the warriors ready for battle? (Love, Self-control, and Patience walk on stage)
Love, Self-control, Patience: READY!
Michael: Good, let’s attack their camp one more time. (run off stage)
Scene Seven: (Demon camp. Good Warriors attack Lust, Gossip, and Selfishness)
Lust: Legion! They’re interfering with our plans!
Legion: You’re a strong warrior. Crush them! (Lust fights even harder Gossip and Selfishness appear strong but Patience is struggling and Self-control is stabbed in the arm)
Self-control: Augh! Gossip got me. She stabbed my arm. (Selfishness grabs Self-control’s sword but Patience grabs it and begins to fight Gossip and Selfishness at the same time Love and Lust battle one on one)
Gabriel: Self-control get back to camp! (Self-control scrambles off stage) Michael! (Michael looks at Gabriel) I don’t think we can fight much longer. Without Self-control, Lust will win over us.
Michael: But Love is fighting great!
Gabriel: Even if she is. Gossip and Selfishness have wounded Self-control. Now that he’s injured, Hannah is struggling to not give into Lust. (Patience lets out a yelp of pain)
Michael: Are you stabbed???
Patience: No, Hannah just gave into Temptation. (Love lets out a yelp of pain) we lost. If we keep fighting we are going to be seriously injured.
Gabriel: But you aren’t stabbed
Love: No but victory for the demons is like wounding and angel. We need to get back to camp!
Michael: (defeated) Very well (Good Warriors run off stage)
Demon 2: We won!
Bad Soldier 1: Hannah is really vulnerable now, one more blow, and she’ll be ours!
Bad Soldier 2: And the other camp will finally be defeated!
Legion: Very true. Rage is almost all healed. We need to get all of our warriors together. Every demon and solder. Even Temptation and False Prophet. We are going to win this battle.
Temptation: I’ll round up the soldiers
Deceitfulness: I’ll make sure Rage is ready to fight.
Scene Eight:
Michael: (he is writing on a scroll. Reads off what he wrote) “Journal entry number 65.November 6. Wednesday. We have lost another battle, and the enemy will strike soon. We might lose this battle. Rage is almost all healed, and two of our warriors are wounded. I don’t know what to do or where we’re headed, but I’m not quite sure if we’ll make it to the end.” (Tiffany and Anthony walk on stage)
Anthony: I heard we lost…
Tiffany: How did it happen though? Love and Self-control are Hannah’s strongest warriors.
Michael: Lust did most of the damage. When she comes into the picture, she breaks down starting relationships. Here, I’ll show you an example. (tears a small piece of paper off his scroll about

This big)

Michael: You see this slip of paper? This resembles the starting relationship between a girl and a guy. (waves paper around) It’s kind of flimsy and isn’t very strong. That’s why we need Love, Patience and Self-control to build up this flimsy relationship. But when Lust comes into the picture. (takes out a match) It’s like this match. (lights match on fire <be very careful!!!>) It’s very destructive. When Lust goes near this flimsy relationship. (holds match near paper. Paper will vanish <make sure to let go of paper when fire makes it disappear>) It breaks down the relationship and brings doubt into it. It also breaks down Love, Patience, Self-control, and sometimes trust.
Anthony: That makes sense, can you do it again????
Michael: (smiles) I need this scroll to write a journal for other armies to know how our army did
Tiffany: Speaking of I heard you say it was Wednesday…
Michael: Yes…
Tiffany: That’s the day Hannah goes to youth group.
Michael: Well that’s a good thing. Reading the word of God will help her strengthen her warriors who are wounded. (Angel 1 and 2 run in)
Angel 1: We were spying on the enemy camp…
Angel 2: They’re planning a big battle with all their men, including False Prophet and Rage
Anthony: This is terrible!
Michael: Let’s not panic…what is Hannah being tempted with?
Angel 2: Peer Pressure. Her friends are trying to convince her to do a lot of sinful things…if she gives in we’ll lose this battle completely
Tiffany: Youth group will help strengthen her! Maybe she’ll win. We can’t give up!
Michael: We just need to get all of our army prepared to fight. This may be one of the biggest battles we will fight.
Angel 1: Say no more, Commander, I’ll get everyone ready. (runs off stage)

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Esperanza GOLD said...
on Dec. 12 2010 at 3:34 pm
Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
15 articles 0 photos 106 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Don't tell me 'sky's the limit' when there are footprints on the moon."

let me know what u think parts 1,2,4 also available also CLARIFICARION: I couldn't copy and paste shapes the piece of paper was supposed to be about an inch and a half long and an inch and a half me it works i've tried it, it was so COOL!