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In the Army of God Part II.

December 2, 2010
By Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
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"Don't tell me 'sky's the limit' when there are footprints on the moon."

Scene Three: (Goodness walks on to battle field. Angels and Good Soldiers are fighting against Demons and Bad Soldiers. Discord is waiting for Goodness)
Discord: (sees Goodness) At last, we can fight.
Goodness: Then let it begin here. (Anthony and Tiffany run onto battle field. Goodness and Discord are fighting. Discord looks as if he is the one winning)
Angel 1: (sees kids) Children! What are you doing on the battlefield?
Anthony: Goodness is losing the battle. It looks as if Discord is stronger than she is.
Angel 2: Very true (to Angel 1) we need to send some reinforcements to help her.
Tiffany: (to Anthony) We need to call half the Angels to fight Discord (Angels begin to understand and they start fighting Discord. Discord is becoming weakened.)
Demon 1: They’ve got reinforcements. Let’s send Sergeant Deceitful and his demons. (Deceitful and his Soldiers come on stage)
Good Soldier1: Oh no! They’ve got reinforcements! Goodness doesn’t stand a chance. (Discord stabs Goodness on the leg)
Good Soldier 2: Goodness is wounded. (Goodness still fights) What are we doing standing around here. Let’s help her! (Angels and Good Soldiers charge and Demons retreat off stage. Goodness wounds Discord badly)
Tiffany: Discord is wounded! (Discord runs off stage)
Anthony: Does that mean we won the battle? (Gabriel and Michael run on battlefield)
Michael: Yes and Goodness is strengthened despite her wound. But because it is pretty large, she’s going to have to sit out the next battle for it to heal. At least Discord’s wounds are worse than Goodness’s. This is probably the first battle Hannah has won for a while.
Tiffany: Why can’t you just make Hannah make the right decisions? She’d win a whole lot more battles.
Gabriel: Humans have free will over their decisions. We almost lost the battle when Sergeant Deceitfulness came in. He makes the Temptation look great. Temptation is one of their strongest Demons. He’s the one to start most of the battles. He makes sin look good. It’s a good thing Sergeant False Prophet didn’t come in. He makes Deceitfulness look like an angel. He convinces people to believe stuff other than Christians believe. Once he’s in the battle it’s very hard to stop him.
Anthony: (sees Rage) I’d hate to bother you guys, but what is that uh thing doing in our camp? (Everyone whirls around to see rage)
Michael: Oh no! Not Rage! Everyone run. (everyone runs off stage)
Scene Four: (rages goes throughout the stage planting Anger bombs. Sound effects sound like explosions. Rage runs off stage)
Anthony: (all walk back on stage) What was that?!
Gabriel: Rage planted anger bombs. Hannah is getting a lot of grief from her friends for not sneaking out of the house. She is sending very mean texts. She may be even planning to sneak out another time. This is why Hannah struggles a lot. She has a lot of peer pressure. They make her feel pressured to do stuff that’s wrong.
Tiffany: But Discord is wounded! He can’t fight in the next battle!
Michael: Although that’s true, anger bombs are healing him and making him stronger. While he’s getting stronger, she’s getting weaker. Which brings us to the white and black dog analogy, you’ve heard of it, right?
Anthony: Gabriel told us about it.
Tiffany: How are we going to prevent Rage from coming here again?
Gabriel: We are going to attack their camp. Rage is a very strong warrior. We’re sending two of ours to fight him. We’re sending Love and Peace. Remember Love is one of Hannah’s strongest warriors.
Tiffany: Then she’ll win this one…
Michael: We won’t know. Peace is pretty weak right now. We aren’t counting on winning. (calls for soldiers and angels they all walk on stage) We need Love and Peace to fight. (Love and Peace walk on stage) We are going to surprise attack the Demon camp.
Love: I’m ready to fight
Michael: All right Love says she’s ready to fight…
Peace: I don’t think you should send me in…
Gabriel: Why not?
Peace: (looks down) Because Hannah hasn’t been using me a whole lot. I don’t know if I’m ready to fight Rage. He’s very strong.
Gabriel: We need Peace and Love to fight. One warrior isn’t enough. And Goodness is badly wounded, we need you.
Peace: Ok, I’ll do my best.
Michael: That’s what I like to hear. Now let’s go troops. (All walk off stage)
Scene 5 (Demons are waiting for Hannah’s army)
Michael: (walks on the side of the stage) Why are they waiting for us? This is supposed to be a surprise attack. (Angels begin to attack the Demons but they are ready. And demons are winning for the most part. Rage walks on stage and Peace and Love are ready to fight him.)
Rage: So the Angels are trying to fight Peace against me, he’s not even well trained. (Love and Peace fight. Peace is badly wounded and ceases to fight. Love is fighting Rage, but Rage is too strong; Love is losing)
Love: We’re losing badly…Commander! (Gabriel looks at her) I think we need to retreat! We’ve all ready lost this battle! Peace is badly wounded!
Michael: I can’t help but agree! RETREAT! (all angels, good soldiers retreat. Love carries Peace off stage)
Bad Soldier 1: We won! We won!
Bad Soldier 2: Hannah is now sending nasty e-mails and text messages. She’s even debating on sneaking out of the house…
Demon 1: All we have to do now is plant some of Deceitfulness’s deceit bombs. It’ll make Temptation look good.
Temptation: Deceitfulness is on his way…may I ask why the Angels were surprised that we were ready.

General Legion: We sent a spy, Wormwood, to spy on their camp. They were planning a surprise attack on us. They may have won if we weren’t ready for them.
Temptation: Rage should be rewarded for defeating Peace.
General Legion: That is where you are wrong, Temptation. Love was not wounded. She is still strong. But if she fights against Rage alone again, she may be wounded. But because Rage didn’t defeat her. I think he should be punished. He is put on KP for two weeks.
Temptation: I still think that he should be rewarded boss. (demons begin to argue and patience and love walk on stage shoot nerf guns or “peace and love rifles” and they hit Rage and a couple other demons)
Rage: I’m hit! (drops dramatically to the floor)
Legion: Get him to the infirmary! (demons take him off stage along with the other demons that were hit)
Bad Soldier 1: What was that?!
Legion: Love and Patience rifles. Even though the patience rifles are weaker than the love, Hannah’s conscience is speaking to her. She’s feeling guilty about her sin. (picks up bullet) cursed guilt bullets. We need to fight back with something stronger.
Temptation: Rage is injured who else will we send?
Legion: We need to send in Gossip and Selfishness…Hannah may stumble over them.
Temptation: (thinking) I might have an idea. How about we move Lieutenant Lust into the equation. Lust and I will bring temptations about boys into the picture. Then Gossip and Selfishness will come and take over.
Legion: I like the way you think but what if the angels fight back?
Temptation: Remember we do have seven good warriors even if one is in pain. Right now ours are stronger. If we keep strengthening them, we’ll win Hannah over.
Legion: I couldn’t agree more. Let’s get started on it immediately. (walk off stage)

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Esperanza GOLD said...
on Dec. 8 2010 at 7:04 pm
Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
15 articles 0 photos 106 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Don't tell me 'sky's the limit' when there are footprints on the moon."

Correction: Parts 3 and 4 sorry

Esperanza GOLD said...
on Dec. 3 2010 at 7:29 pm
Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
15 articles 0 photos 106 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Don't tell me 'sky's the limit' when there are footprints on the moon."

Parts 3,4,5 will be posted soon