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Tender Loving Bear Care

November 12, 2010
By Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
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It was a stormy October night, like any normal night for Anne. She had come a-custom to the storms and chilly weather of Alabama. The wind wistled loudly, it annoyed her. She leaned back on her suprisingly comfortable quilted bed, not caring about still wearing her church clothes. The door creaked slightly open. "Anne?" Anne's dad asked. "Yes pa?" She replied while flipping through an old book. "I would like to give you something for your 8th birthday." Her dad was now completely in her room, holding something behind his back. Anne could only guess until he finally cracked and told her what it was. "What is it? Tell me! Please pa!" Anne pestered. "Okay fine, i give in." Slowly, Anne's father pulled out a old worn teddy bear from his back pocket. "Happy birthday sweetie!" Anne's father gently place the worn bear right next to Anne, who started to smile. "Dad! You shouldn't have! I really love it." Anne said genuinely. "Oh thats great! It was the exact bear you mom had growing up, well before she passed. You could always sew him back together again. If you need cotton, come and get me." With that last bit of information, Anne's father left the small, old bedroom. Anne smiled. "What should i call you?" As anne further inspected the teddy bear, she notice that he (or she) had a heart sewn on his cheek. Anne rubbed the ears, cotton had already started to burst out of one. And jumped off her bed and ran to her closet. She pulled out a old, dusty box. "I got just the trick to make you like new again." Anne sat down next to the bear and threaded the needle. She moved it back and forth until the ears were fixed. She moved onto the thorso and lower body. She added more cotton to the stomach area and both the legs. She noticed that a eye had gone missing, so she cut fabric and made a new pair of eyes for the old worn-out bear. Anne sighed. "Finally done. I have no idea what to call you. Well, i guess i could call you Mr. Needles."

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my old bear my grandma sewed for me, very touching. I hope you enjoy reading it

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