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Holding Hands

October 19, 2010
By LeahRae<3 GOLD, Maiden, North Carolina
LeahRae<3 GOLD, Maiden, North Carolina
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"Them that dont like me can leave me alone." -- Jacky Faber (From Bloody Jack)

Holding hands always seemed very personal to me, like something you do when you're either really close friends, or dating, or have an unbreakable bond of some sort. That's why when he took my hand, I was surprised.

We were on the hiking trail, heading for the campsite. I had already tripped six times and had four very nice cuts on my legs. I already had need of the first aid kit three times and we still had a few hours to go. None of the kids in the teen group liked me, or even knew I was there as far as I could tell. But my mom thought it would be good for me to get out more. So here I was. Alone.

Except now he was holding my hand.

I think his name was Brad or Brett or something like that. He was one of the guys who like to goof off a lot, and he was pretty cute too, exactly the type that would never even give me the time of day.

And now he was holding my hand.

When he first grabbed it, I thought it was because he was trying to push past me or make some kind of joke with his friends. But now it just seemed like he honestly wanted to help me along the rocky, twisting, obstacle ridden death trap we had to navigate. I looked up at his face trying to read his expression with no luck. He seemed a little amused, like he was thinking of some secret joke, which made me a little suspicious. What if this was all just some kind of sick thing made to embarrass me?

I pulled my hand away.

It had been so nice for those few minutes. His hand was so comforting and it felt very strong, very confident. His fingers had started off just wrapped around the outside of my hand, but after a few minutes they became interlocked with mine, making the bond stronger. It made me feel so secure and wanted. If only he had meant it that way.

He took my hand back.

I didn't protest. That would make me look more gullible. I just looked away, trying not to trip.

"I know you're wondering why I'm doing this." His blue eyes met mine, even though I tried so hard not to look at him. "I dont want your death on my hands, ok?" He laughed, enjoying the look on my face. "And besides, it's nice to have someone to hold on to.

I smiled.

"Yeah. Yeah it is."

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on Nov. 8 2011 at 2:09 pm
tayleeeeeeeer SILVER, Laplata, Maryland
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Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.

This was so cute(:

I loved it. You're very talented. It made me want to read more, and see what was going to happen.

5 stars<3