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Prom Night Disaster

October 17, 2010
By itsokaytobeme16 GOLD, Thronwood, New York
itsokaytobeme16 GOLD, Thronwood, New York
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It was supposed to be the best night of my life. All my friends and i had dreamed about our senior prom since we were in eighth grade. The perfect boys who would wrap their arms around us and claim us as their date. The perfect dresses that would cascade down our slim bodies and glisten in the moonlight. As we would dance, the music would be the perfect background for the fairytale ending we had always imagined.
What we got was a nightmare. My dream guy, Sean Jay asked me to prom seven days before the prom. I got ready in my not so perfect dress. I`m not slim and my dress cut me in all the wrog places. My friends didnt even call me that night, they decided to go to prom without me. Sitting in my room trying to mangage my tangled hair, I heard a limo outside my house. I rushed outside and saw Sean and his friends in the limo hastily driving away, as they laughed maniacally in the too dark night. After realizing that i was stood up, i ran into my room and sobbed. As the tears poured from eyes onto my now tattered dress that i saved up for months to get, anger swelled inside me. I started throwing my furniture in all directions, breaking everything in sight. It was supposed to be the best night, but it was a nightmare. I wish prom night never happened.

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