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The Revelation

August 3, 2010
By wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
wildcat DIAMOND, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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Walking through the halls with no one around. Silence. You walk with saddened eyes not ready to throw this all away. Leaving everything, everyone you love and hated behind. Emptiness surrounds your being. You fall to the ground leaning against the wall. Hand reaches your head as your elbow rests peacefully on your knee. And what do you do? You cry, more like a heart wrenching sob. Right there in the barren hallway. You scream out but no ones there to hear you.

Alone. How could this happen? This wasn't the way it was suppose to be. You shouldn't be crying saddened tears. You should be crying little happy tears. Why? Because your moving to bigger better places. You hated your four years here; with cliques death, friends coming and going, fights, heartbreaks, great grades and praise from teachers. The only people you ever felt truly confident around.

You get to start over some where else. You get to have another life. You get to get the freedom you've always wanted...

So why do you sob a heart wrenching sob? Why are you walking around thinking of everything you're going to miss?

Thats just it. 17 years of the same faces. You'll miss those same faces you've seen all of your life. You prepared your whole life for this day but never for this. Never this feeling of complete hopelessness. You knew everything about these people whether you talked to them or not. You envied, watched, and felt all that they felt. So leaving them is like leaving your heart behind. Leaving the people who you loved even if they didn't know who you were.

Your heart wrenching sob is suddenly heard by the thousands who you envied and watched. And suddenly you don't feel alone. You're not leaving them like you thought. You're taking them with you and all that they taught you. No one ever leaves you, they live on within you and you carry their impact throughout your life.

Your tears come to a stop and you get up with the happy revelation you just found.

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