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Candle Wax

July 15, 2010
By GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
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Candle Wax
Chapter 1, the New Beginning

I stare at the glowing candle on my bed-side table. The light brown wax is deformed from having melted multiple times. The bright orangey glow of the fire illuminates the stain glass container it sits in. The glass has the appearance of being broken. I love that about it. Green and blue butterfly’s sit calmly trapped in the design of the candle holder. Surrounding the calmly glowing candle is a bunch of rose petals. The soft red material helps to decorate the small brown table, that plus the dried green leaves that came with the once living flower.

I wish I was a candle. Always so calm and cheerful. And then there is always changing too. No candle ever looks the same once it has been burnt. They all mold into different shapes so they can show off their individuality. The main difference between humans and candles is that if a human is different, they get made fun of. But a candle, all that happens is that it is considered unique. Like a piece of artwork.

I attempt to blow out the flame but it refuses to die. It sticks up for itself and what it stands for, like a Soldier stating up for his country. I give one last breath and the candle goes out. A small glimmer shines for about a moment. A perfect ember. A take another glance and notice even that small spark has disappeared completely. I take a deep breath in through my nose and can smell the scent of the candle still stuck in the air. Café Au Lait. The scent has a coffee like aroma. It’s amazing.
I yawn as I begin to feel tired. I rest my head down on my fluffy pillow and pull the blankets up over my shoulder, right under my chin. The soft material is nice and warm. Another yawn escapes from my lips and my eyelids close as I fall into my subconscious.
My subconscious takes over my thoughts and I feel soft ground. I look around me and everything is covered in a shimmering fog. The fingers on my hands run through the soft emerald grass I am sitting on. I look up at the sky and see the lines of piercing white shattering the sky. Blue particles fall down and land on my back and begin to form luxurious flying instruments. Pretty soon all the small parts of the sky fuse together perfecting my wings. My long wave-like brown hair flows down my back. This is the only place my hair isn’t multi-colored. My eyes are purple, just like the contacts I use when I am awake. Suddenly my perfect world shatters in a sea of sound.
“Beep Beep Beep” My alarm clock screams at me as I come back to reality.
“Ughhhhh” I say as i reach out to turn off the ear-shattering noise. It takes me three tries but finally my hand lands on the surface of the annoying beast. I click off as I slowly force myself to awaken. I reluctantly pull of my covers and sit up rubbing my eyes. I yawn and stretch my arms up over my head then return them to my side.
“6:05” reads my clock.
I take this time to go upstairs and grab some breakfast. I walk out of my basement room and step up onto the first stair. This small gesture seems like such a struggle. I hold onto the wall as I pull myself up the unending flight of stairs. After what seems like an eternity I finally get to the top of the stairs. I stroll over to the large black fridge and strain opening up its door. I am so not used to getting up this early. I grab the bottle of milk and put it down on my marble counter. Then i took a few steps walking over to the cereal cabinet pulling out a box of Reece’s Puffs cereal. I grab a cup and pour some of the cereal in. Then the hard part, the milk. I carefully took my time in pouring the milk into the cup of cereal. Spill.

The floor of the kitchen is now covered in milk.
“For Crypt sake!” I yelled kind of loudly.
I walk into my bathroom and grab a towel that was hanging on the shower rack. I get into the kitchen and wipe up the mess. Finally I get to eat and enjoy my breakfast.
After eating I ran back downstairs as a streak of hyperness drove into my body. Of course, I tripped down the stairs. Then I was back in my room where I got dressed. A pair of red skinny jeans and a black Tokio Hotel shirt. I skipped over to my TV and turned it on. I had a mix CD in the DVD player so I let it ring loud and clear through the room. I put on my make-up and draw swirls next to my eyes with my eyeliner. After I got my dark makeup on I straightened my very colorful hair.
Crap I got to get going or I’m going to miss my bus! I grab my Invader Zim back pack with the Gir hoodie and run out the door. I quickly run down the street, my black converse hitting the ground with each step I took. Luckily the big yellow gas monster showed up right as I got out there. I walked on to the bus only to find everyone staring at me.
Someone muttered. No one was sitting with them…hmm…
I sat down right there.
“Hey buddy how are you doing” I said faking a warm friendly smile.
The person, a boy obviously a new freshman just like I, had brown hair, chopped at the normal style and bright blue eyes. He was wearing a sky-blue aeropostale T-Shirt and normal guy jeans. His face has the expression of fear mixed with disgust.
“What don’t like lip rings?” I asked as I played with my lip piercing.
He turned away and looked like he was about to puke. Freshman year was going to be great. Once again I am the freak. The Candle, the one who changes unlike everyone else. I have a different view then them, a different style, I am a candle the ever-changing wax is a symbol for my oddness. It shows that I do not fit in, I am different.
The bus ride was pretty boring for the rest of the time. I looked straight ahead and looked at the movie screen of a windshield. The large monstrous creature was looming ahead. Closer and closer it got I felt like a tiny fly trying to escape from a spider but having no way to escape the webbing surrounding me. When the screeching death-trap known as the bus came to a stop and opened the doors I ran out. I have always had this fear of being sliced in half by the bus doors. So I made sure I was off quickly. All the humans around me turned to blurs; I could barely make anything out. My heart was pounding ferociously in my chest. It felt like it would break through my ribs and rip through my flesh. I could picture it. The horrible pain as my heart jumps out all full of blood. I just realized I wasn’t breathing. Where did the oxygen go?
“Calm down Sydney” I whisper to myself under my breath.
I slowly walk up to the front door of the school. Time to begin my new life.

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