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My Crazy Journal

May 1, 2010
By TrulyRosa BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
TrulyRosa BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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"Play the wrong note and we'll all b[e] flat."

This crazy journal was put together for school as some weird absurd English assignment all about me. My name is Sharon M. something or other, and of course the journal knows my school. It was given to me by my school! I’m going to name my diary Crazy Journal. Filled with stuff about ME. I can thank my English teacher for giving me this stupid assignment. Who makes somebody keep a journal and share it out loud for the whole class to hear? I could sue her with invasion of privacy. Which is something I might do…no, I won’t. I’ll just write the stuff about me that isn’t un-private, like what I look like and what I ate for breakfast and stuff like that. Or what grade I got on my science test…
Dear Crazy Journal,
I have to write in you. The time is, well…something like 12:39 or something A.M. I didn’t bother because this is a last minute assignment. My teacher is going to read you tomorrow to make sure we’re writing. Then again, it could be something drastically different, like how weird the lunch ladies look and what horrible, vomiting, disgusting food they make – and she’ll have to read all about what I wrote. I’m using you to write about my feelings for this school and what we should do to make it better and change it. So good night. I am logging off…
Sharon M>>>>>>
This Crazy Journal Again????
I am annoyed with the principal. Like, every day he broadcasts over the speakers why we shouldn’t use tape in our lockers, and why my Sign Language teacher always looks like she wants to yell at somebody, and why we can’t talk too loudly in the hall, and why there are all these rules everybody has to live by…I am fed up. This time my teacher is making me write in you earlier instead of 12:39 midnight and is mad about my style of writing, so I have to change my perspective. Can I please talk about how we need to let students run the assemblies now??
Sharon M>>>>>>>
Journalist in Training; Truth Seeker
Crazy Journal Opinions
In history I forgot to turn in an assignment. And I lost my lucky dice keychain. And I left my lunch money at home. I’d want to, anyway, because the lunch they serve --- no, no comments. So I had a rotten day. And then I didn’t study for an English quiz and my teacher gave me a low score…why can’t they just flunk me in every class and get it over with without making me work???? School hates me.
Sharon M>>>>>>>>>>
My Voice to the People
Things are not working out. Writing in the journal is giving me a low grade because of what I want to change at school. Why can’t I ever win??? Only three more weeks of this torture…
Sharon M>>>>>>>>>>>>>
PS. Ms. Reinhart, don’t be mad at my ways to ‘Voice my Opinion to the People of Tomorrow’. I am saying the truth in a mannerly way.
I am so glad school is OUT for the weekend. And since it’s April, I’ll be so glad school is out soon after a month and a half more. How many weeks is that? Are there six days in a week? I’m confused…I never paid attention in second grade…I need to listen to my iPod. I can do absolutely nothing all weekend. Now I can rave on and on about how much I hate school or how much I am glad to be free this weekend from school or what I’m going to do this weekend. I’ll just sit back, relax, and not write anything. Hey, can I type my journal entries up on the computer and paste them in Crazy Journal???? I need to clean up my bedroom. It looks like my little sister dumped her bedroom in mine. And my older sister is such a neat freak that I can’t survive in my own house without being insulted by a sister!!!! What went wrong?
Sharon M >>>>>>>>>>>
I wrote more than expected. That was not a surprise. That was meant to happen.
I am bored with a capital B.O.R.E.D. I had to play horsie with my little sister. I had to ‘proofread’ my history report. I had to clean the garage. I’m definitely wiped out. And….I had stuff to do. So I’m writing to be un-bored. Why can’t I ever win? So I’m going to go rock climbing tomorrow. I bet I’ll fall ‘cuz I’m totally not good at it but it’s fun anyway. Actually something I enjoy. So I’m having a terrible weekend, being bored, having absolutely nothing to do. Everybody says ‘Do homework’. I hate doing homework. I hate thinking about hating to do homework. Not in a way that makes me want to do homework, but…AUGH!
Sharon M>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Bored
Rock Climbing Fanatic
I went rock climbing today. I enjoyed it. And I’m deciding not to rave on and on about how my school is the worst one in the universe, and how I think living in Montana would be better than Maine, and how…well, I’ll cut to the chase. Rock climbing was FUN! Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. And I had to play junior monopoly with my sister again tonight. I’m writing in this at seven thirty sharp. It’s actually been interesting and enjoyable. Maybe I might take up journal writing….
Journals Due Tomorrow
So I’ll be sad to have my journal returned to Mrs. Reinhart tomorrow. But we get them back, yippee, yippee, so I can write more!!!! My life is going to be so much more interesting after I get you back to write in, and how much more stuff I can tell that Mrs. Reinhart WON’T KNOW!!! And I can express my feelings about school! Oops, Mrs. Reinhart will read this. Maybe I’ll write on notebook paper and slide it in once we get it graded. I still don’t know how she grades journals. We’re supposed to express our feelings, right? And I did exactly that, beyond, and above. Something tells me Mrs. Reinhart wasn’t too thrilled with my honesty…
Sharon M>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Journal Writing Fanatic

So I enjoyed journal writing. And I’d have more to share – once Mrs. Reinhart gives them back, that is! And I think doing journal writing when the teacher reads it isn’t that fun. You can barely express your feelings at all when you know somebody’s gonna grade what you write in it. So I’m going to stick to journal writing for fun. And I can include so much more I never even thought possible…I’ll have good times. And I enjoy writing now. Mrs. Reinhart gave me a B- (points taken away from my complete honesty)!
Sharon M, Eager Journalist

The author's comments:
I thought I'd try writing something where the character uses journal entries to get her point across. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you like my character's sassy attitude that makes her unique. Thanks for taking a look at this!

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