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Dear _________ (6)

April 13, 2010
By Katherine93 GOLD, Liverpool, Other
Katherine93 GOLD, Liverpool, Other
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Dear God,
He crept into my room, sneaking across the creaking floorboards, a dark figure stealing silently across my bedroom, ensuring that the door was shut, a mere slither of light in the room, told me where he was. I shrank deeper into my covers, scared for some unknown reason, a hidden instinct deep inside me was telling me to run. Run and scream. But I didn’t I let my fear paralyze me and then it was too late. He leaned over me and sneered at me, I felt tears spring to my eyes, and fought to keep them down. ‘ It’s time for me to give you your special present now Randa, all pretty little girls get this present on their tenth birthday’ the words written down look innocent, but reading the words back, you can’t hear the menacing tone and deep underlying threat that was concealed beneath the surface, I was terrified, but if every little girl gets this present, how bad could it be? This was the last thing that I remember thinking before I blacked out from the pain.

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