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March 5, 2010
By hoodiequeen14 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
hoodiequeen14 BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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I sat in my room, crying, going over the events that had happened that day. Tears of joy or pain, I had not decided yet, maybe both.

The day started out as usual, I got up at six thirty and put on the same pair of worn out blue jeans that I had worn all week, it was Friday and my mom doesn’t do my laundry because she is always either sleeping or “out.” I then put on my favorite black T- shirt, that also hadn’t been washed, and I grabbed an apple and my back pack and went to school.

On my way there I noticed other kids walking out the door, but before they reached the threshold their moms had them in a bear- like hug. Even though they looked embarrassed I wished silently to myself that my mom would do that.

When I walked in the doors to the school I saw the white, poster covered hallways were busy with the usual groups. The preps were gossiping about who did what and who likes who. Meanwhile, the Jocks were tossing some nerd’s binder and books back and forth while the Cheerleaders stood there and giggled. Everyone had a group except for me.

I went and sat at my table in the cafeteria and read until the bell for first period rang.

My first period was English. Nothing too exciting there, I mean the teacher is always talking about her personal issues and she talks too much anyway. When she told us to get into partners to discuss a passage that we had to read for homework I looked around to find someone, but everyone had partners.

“I’ll be your partner, Katrina,” the teacher said. Wonderful.

And so the day went, nobody wanted to be near me, ever. Even my math teacher hesitates to help me. What have I done wrong?

At lunch I sat at my table in the corner and cried. I had no friends, my mom is too “busy” to take care of me, and on top of that nobody notices me anyway.

Then, I heard a voice. “Hey, can I sit with you?” some girl with blonde curls asked. She was obviously new.

“Uh, sure,” I answered somewhat confused. Did someone send her over here on a dare, or did she really want to sit with me?

We talked all lunch period and it turned out that she had my same last four class periods, so I would have a partner.

Now I sit on my bed in my room crying, still not sure if the tears are from joy or pain, but after today they might just be for joy, that’s a first.

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