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Is it love?

November 18, 2009
By Ada_500 BRONZE, Fort Washington, Maryland
Ada_500 BRONZE, Fort Washington, Maryland
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That day that he told me he loved me he said he would never do it again. He screamed it at the top of his lungs. I believed him, silly me; he told me he loved me.
Brian told me everyday showered me with gifts then at the end of the week it started all over again. The yelling, the screaming, everything then the gifts I was scared.
"Wear the purple skirt" said Brian "I don’t really want to I’m going to wear those black sweatpants" I said. He yelled, “WEAR THE PURPLE SKIRT!!!" I quickly threw the sweatpants to the floor and took the purple skirt and put it on.
I felt ashamed I kept contemplating to leave him but the gifts and the sorry notes. I thought I loved him because after all the beating and the drama he was himself again.
Like every other girl he got me pregnant and forced abortion I was so scared only fifteen sitting on an operation table getting a child out of me. My boyfriend was sitting in the lobby waiting I wanted to run out the back door and just run.
He kept me at his house to keep the secret he told me if I ever told anyone about this he would kill me I took everything he said seriously. Some days he wouldn’t let me go to school and the days that I did I didn’t look like myself. I would go to school with bruises on my face and one day he slapped and punched me and kicked me and the teachers didn’t help. I wanted to talk to someone about this but I couldn’t I cherished my life. I felt like those Muslim girls who burn themselves to do what the need to do to get out of a relationship with those men. I tried talking to the guidance counselor but she didn’t talk to me and I had to plan an appointment so it was no use.
I couldn’t sit with my friends couldn’t talk to ANYONE. I felt so alone. I had to talk to my best friend Nicole. She would help me out she would send my girl supplies and call me at discreet times but that had to end cause Brian found out. Some days he wouldn’t let me go home to get clothes. He hurt my mother and stabbed my father. My father was in the hospital for a week. I cried the whole time and he told me to suck it up and he got what he deserved.
One day I ran I just ran anywhere I didn’t care where I was going if I got killed I just wanted my time. That night I found out that I didn’t love him I only...well... I hated him the things he did to me it was worthless. When I went home I filed a police report and put him in jail. The day before I went to his house gave back his gifts and I felt like a new woman I was a new person. I was stronger and smarter. I knew what to avoid and I knew what to keep.
One day I saw him at the mall with a girl tall, pretty, nice long brown hair. Like me but not as smart. I saw the brusies I think I almost cried but I held back my tears and I spoke out and I talked to her but it was too late.

The End

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Ada_500 BRONZE said...
on Jan. 8 2010 at 7:03 pm
Ada_500 BRONZE, Fort Washington, Maryland
3 articles 0 photos 4 comments
THANK YOU for commenting and i will remember to look on your stories when they finally post

on Jan. 2 2010 at 10:49 am
So powerful, I almost cried! Great story, great writing, Keep it up! And when my work is done pending, i would Love it if you looked at it? This story should have been mag worthty.