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If the sky is crying, does that mean my eyes are raining?

October 22, 2009
By Sha-doki GOLD, Union, New Jersey
Sha-doki GOLD, Union, New Jersey
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In the end it'll be okay, if it's not okay then it's not the end.

As each droplet pounds against the street's hard surface, a person's silhouette is seen crumbling down in the nearby ally. A teenager, dressed in a dark grey, oversized hoodie drapping over their slender frame, hood drawn over their face, covering their features.

Alone, lost, confused, separated, distraught, contempt, angry, ashamed, fearful, nervous, hungry, bitter, morbid, hostile.

They pull the handheld pistol from the enormous pockets. Before anyone knows what's happened, there is a loud snap that echoes in the silence of the sky as the teenager drops, a dark puddle forming underneath.

Lesson: Sometimes, the only ones who will listen are the angels -- Are you an angel?

The author's comments:
There is always so much surrounding pressure on us, no matter the age. And at times we just need someone to talk to. It's what keeps us sane. So, the next time a friend asks to talk, and for you to really listen to them, even if you guys aren't really that close.... don't turn them away, don't brush them off, and don't say you can't deal with whatever their problem is. They don't always want help, or advice, just someone who'll listen with an open heart.

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