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March 11, 2009
By S.S.Y. GOLD, Toronto, Other
S.S.Y. GOLD, Toronto, Other
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I took my whisky bottle and wobbled to my convertible. As I looked for my keys, I felt my mouth
reeked of strong alcohol. My vision was blurry, and my breathing was heavy. I managed to get myself
in the car. I started the car and backed out of the parking lot. The sight in front of me was vague,
and the sounds of night were in low murmurs. Occasionally, I took sips from my bottle. Where I was
going, I had no idea. But I drove around in my car for some while. I muttered strange things to
myself without realizing, and fat tear drops rolled down my cheeks. Somehow, I had the knowledge
that I was breaking the law, drinking at the age of seventeen, and driving at the same time. I
suspected other drivers on the road stared at me either in caution or disgust. Most of them honked
at me and yelled words I could not comprehend with my blurred out hearing. Some even threw their
fists at me. I was oblivious to all these, and started singing out of tune. My words were hard to
sound out from my uncontrollable sobs. One lady I almost hit said in rage, 'There's a typical
party girl for you! People like her shouldn't deserve to live!' I stopped my car almost the
instant she finished those hurtful words. Right there in the middle of the road. I gurgled down the
last drops of whisky from my bottle. My face was wet. Doesn't deserve to live! Why did everyone
have to be so cruel? I had been a good girl all my life! I did as my parents told me, even if they
were unjust! I did my homework and I lived quietly. But being good was just too hard, when your life
was an abyss of sorrows and anger. My sobs turned into loud wails. Why did God choose to punish me,
when I was as good as I could be? Why was it that everyone always had something or someone more
important than me? Why was I not good enough? My mind had cleared up, I wish I could get drunk
easier and longer. Why couldn't God at least let me find a why to escape all the sufferings. I
cried with my head on the wheel. Other cars passed me slowly, some stopped briefly to examine the
preposterous sight in front of them. I wiped my face and started my car again. I was going back to
the pub. Maybe I should buy more than just one bottle of alcohol. Just as I backed up without even
checking the road, a cargo truck headed towards me. I lost all realization. I stared blankly at the
truck. When the driver saw me it was too late. I simply smiled, feeling a rush of gratitude towards
this driver. Then- The front of the truck hit my side before it stopped. I fell on the vacated seat
next to mine. My pulse slowed down, my heartbeat was getting quieter and quieter. I saw through my
half opened eyes the blood gushing from me. I heard the yell from the striken driver. Before I
closed my eyes and my body stiffened, I whispered a thank you to him, though he did not hear me. I
was finally saved from the abyss.

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