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Foxy n' Her Crew

October 19, 2021
By er0345049 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
er0345049 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
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It started as stories being told, but one day it all changed…

Foxy and her friends: Saleen, Corsanna, and Rolan live in a city where nobody but the oldest people knew about gas-fueled cars. It was 50 years ago when the government destroyed all gasoline cars, destroyed gas stations, and destroyed the idea of any car going over 60mph. This is all foxy ever knew of, she and her friends had never experienced anything else. They felt as if they were trapped, seeing the same cars everywhere they go all going the same speed, sometimes they felt so controlled. Although they felt like this at times, they still loved having each other, and most importantly, it made their problems disappear when they were all together.

Foxys great-grandpa always told her and the crew stories about his racing days, but they could never get over the fact that they couldn't ever share the same experiences. He would love to watch their reactions to his amazing tells. Being on edge, even at loss for words sometimes, they would just love to hear anything about his cars. Because they had never even seen a different model car before, great-grandpa just had polaroid pictures to show. 

It wasn't until one day, a special day, a very special day, Foxys 16th birthday. Great-grandpa had been waiting for this since the day she was born. His body filled with excitement like a kid who just got a bag of candy as he was waiting for Foxy and her friends to come over. As they arrived his nerves quickly rushed in, he was worried, constantly thinking to himself “I wonder if she will like it? Do you think it's a good color for her? I hope she loves it.” This project was something great-grandpa had been working on for 16 years, he was very proud of it and couldn't wait till the day he could show it to foxy. 

Sitting in the back of his warehouse was one of the most precious items he owned. He brought the crew in and explained to them how much he enjoyed being with them and having the chance to always talk about some of his best memories.  His nerves finally settled and he removed the cover, covering the beautiful red shiny 1980 Ford Mustang. Just like the one great-grandpa had raced with. He saved and rebuilt one last gasoline car for foxy. She and the crew were at a loss for words. This was the first different car they had ever seen in their whole life. As he handed her the key she couldn't even believe what had just happened. She was the happiest she had ever been, her feeling of being controlled just ran out of the door. She was grateful her great-grandpa could bring that excitement to life, not having to be sad about just listening to the stories, she could finally feel the same joy as he felt driving it.

The author's comments:

this story rooted from my love of mustangs 

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