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Cafe' Brewed Dreams

April 3, 2021
By Lyra_stardust GOLD, Tirupati, Other
Lyra_stardust GOLD, Tirupati, Other
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I got down the bus carrying my laptop with one hand and slinging a satchel over my shoulder with the other. I hear the bus pulling away from the curb as I walked past the bus stop. Not able to keep my eyes off of the attractive smiling face looking back at me while holding a brand new mobile phone on the wall, I miss my step. My hands go to adjust my glasses involuntarily and I pick up my pace towards my apartment. Passing by the convenience store I decided I would stop by the Café that I  have been recently going to for the past few weeks. I’m not particularly craving caffeine but the thought of being alone in the apartment until my girlfriend returns doesn’t exactly excite me. But to be honest, that’s not the only reason I choose to go to the café, it’s also because there has been this couple who visits the café frequently. By taking advantage of the freedom of expression, they often have heated arguments about the most silliest things which the public, including me enjoy. Though they fight, they still stick together proving wrong many people who thought they’d break up after every fight. It’s ridiculous for a middle aged professor for getting fun out of such a situation but then, don’t all theories have deviations?


Reaching my destination I saw the name of the café which I keep forgetting no matter how many times I read it; “Café Brewed Dreams”. Through the glass I could see that the place is less crowded than the last time I visited. Thinking about what I should order, I walk inside. There’s no queue at the counter so I went straight to order my drink. “ Good evening sir. What would you like?” asked a girl whose name tag read Evelyn. “An express macchiato will be fine” said I and she typed away. She didn’t lower her smile even while working and that impressed me somehow. I’ve never seen her working here before so curiosity got the best of me. “Are you new here?”, I asked bluntly. “Yes sir, working part time, started two days ago” answered Evelyn in a polite way. A teenager I thought. Of course a young lady like her are always searching for new experiences, it’s just the mind of the generation. After placing the order I sat down near the window so that the outside world can occupy my time. Placing the laptop down on the table, I started glancing around and saw the couple at the far end of the café talking and drinking what I think are iced latte’s. No drama today. Highly unlikely. A few minutes is what it took for my macchiato to be brought to me. They’re never late. A small brown folded card beside the cup caught my attention. I pick it up and read what’s inside; “You have all the time in the world, make sure to give some to yourself”. I look back to Evelyn to see a face beaming with smile. Thinking about how cute the idea is, I  smiled back. Sipping my drink, my eyes darted towards the nearby occupied tables to see the brown cards with every cup that is served. Guess the new worker is a benefit to the café.

Before I got the chance to label the café silent and peaceful today, I start hearing shouts from across the café. And yeah it’s that noisy couple. Probably arguing over something stupid again but I get my entertainment so I just watched with amusement with the other audience. Evelyn then, out of the world, approached them very boldly and asked if everything is fine. Wow! One point to Evy. With an annoyed expression the lady replied that it’s not her business. Rude. Without losing her smile Evelyn walked back to the counter in defeat. Poor Evy. I got up from my seat, leave a tip and walked out with a smile for a reason I can’t begin to describe.


                                                                                *time skip*


Days pass by quickly and I find myself visiting the café almost every day. Not just because I want to spectate the drama but also because the brown cards which Evelyn gives out along with the orders are really insightful so I started collecting them. Evelyn is a really sweet girl, not like the others who wake up every morning just to show off their beauty. She knows that beauty comes from being independent and works hard. But I make sure not to miss the noisy couple’s drama every time I visit. I decided to take my girlfriend to the café today.

 We step inside to be greeted by the aroma of brewing coffee beans. As soon as I enter, my eyes search for the couple and sure enough we found them sitting at the middle table. Unconsciously I grinned. After waiting for a few minutes in queue, we were greeted by Evelyn’s smiling face. We rather quickly chose our drinks, not being too picky. Leading her to a table, we both sat down and started looking around. Before our orders came, raised voices are heard within, coming from the middle table. Of course, the couple started arguing again. They quickly got everyone’s attention including my girlfriend’s. The waiter who was serving our Cappuccino and Double espresso flinched when the girl raised her voice while arguing. Totally amused, I began sipping my drink after mixing sugar in it while watching the drama. My girlfriend kept quiet and was also intensely watching them argue. I picked up my brown card after seeing my girl reading hers. Couldn’t believe I almost forgot it for their petty drama. “The stars shine the brightest when the sky is the darkest” I read aloud. She smiled and flashed me hers “The only reason a woman should ever look down is to show off her eyeshadow”. A smile played along my lips. Out of the corners of my eye I could see Evelyn approaching the still arguing couple. I didn’t know what to expect but I can certainly say I’m excited. She placed a take away parcel on their table and placed a brown card on it. Both the girl and guy looked confused at Evelyn. The girl opened the card and read it, loud enough for us to hear; “Exist to be happy, not to impress”. One point to Evy. The girl looked at the guy and then Evelyn. “You think all I try to do is impress others? Do you really think that I get my happiness off of impressing people with my flawless beauty. So you don’t want me to exist, is that it? Wow! Who do you think you are girl? Treating me in such a way!” shouted the girl raising from her chair. Evelyn flinched. The guy took the girls side and pushed Evelyn back saying that she better stop saying rubbish about his girlfriend. They took their parcel and walked out hand in hand while muttering something which I take it to be about Evy. One point to the couple. Poor Evy. She walked back to the counter in defeat now with a shocked expression. I sigh and my girlfriend notices it. “They’re being too mean aren’t they?” asked she. I nodded. Just before we got up to leave, the guy burst through the doors and walked up to the counter. Portraying anger he shouted at Evelyn’s surprised face; “I AM GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU GET FIRED FOR BULLYING MY GIRL! HOW DARE YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER INNOCENCE”. Not waiting for her reaction, he swiftly turned back and simply left. Evelyn looked very upset. My girlfriend said she could talk to her if I wanted her to but I didn’t agree. “Evelyn is stronger than she looks like. I’m sure she’s going to be fine”, I said. “Your face says otherwise”, she replied and took her handbag so we could leave. My eyes gave a final look to Evelyn to see her expressionless face as she typed away on the computer. I walked out making sure to talk to her tomorrow if her mood doesn’t lift up.


                                                                        *the next week*


It’s almost been a week. Evelyn never showed up at the café after the incident. One point to the couple. Though the couple still visit I haven’t been as interested as I was before. It’s impossible to think that Evelyn actually got fired but that’s what could’ve happened or she got off work because of her self-respect. Either way, I missed watching her face smiling through the day and getting those brown cards with words of hope. When I asked the other staff about her, they said they didn’t know and that she abruptly stopped coming without informing anyone.

I walked into the café which looked busier than usual. There was a queue and I patiently waited. The couple were already present at the corner of the café chatting away while munching on donuts as they sip coffee. Anger boiled inside me. I wish I did something about the situation that day but then I remind myself there’s not much that I could’ve done. My mind goes wandering off to the other reasons as to why Evelyn could’ve stopped coming. Family issue? Money problem got solved? Exam season? Got another part-time job? Anyway she should’ve at least informed the café about her resignation.

My turn came up and I ordered a frappe. I then sat down at an empty table which was close to the couple’s one. It took a bit longer than usual for my drink to arrive but that at least gave me the time to accidentally hear the couple’s conversation. No it’s not eavesdropping. As I was sipping my frappe I heard the clanking of heels as someone seems to be approaching. Before I turned my head to look, she appeared in front me hovering above the table in which the couple were sitting. I adjusted my glasses and saw her, wearing sunglasses and a diamond necklace around her neck. A silver gown and red pumps. Her hand carries what appeared to be a Gucci bag, it may be channel, I’m not good with those trendy brands. If her motive was to capture the attention of everyone in the café, then she certainly succeeded in doing so. The couple looked at her at first with surprise and then it changed to shock as she lowered her sunglasses. It was Evelyn. She looked incredibly unrecognisable. And gorgeous of course. She spoke up first, “Evelyn. Evelyn Connors. Previously a part time worker at the Café Brewed Dreams, now an owner”, said she and dropped a file of papers on their table. Gasps are heard. I didn’t realize one escaped from my mouth as well. The guy managed to muster out a ‘what’. Evy let a proud smile slip from her lips. The girl on the other hand looked completely dumbstruck. I smiled. Then Evy did something unimaginable, for the others anyway. “As an owner, I have to look out for the negative and positive things which might have a dire effect on the  business. You both have become a nuisance, which gets in the way of peace that people who come here to find. I hope you can find another café which could satisfy your needs without compromising the other customer’s. You can leave after your drinks. And I wish to not see you here anymore. Hope you understand”, Evy told to the couple with a straight face and a polite smile. Total knockout.

The audience were impressed by the looks of their expressions. I felt proud as well. The couple didn’t waste a second to get out the embarrassing situation that they were put in. I looked back at Evelyn. She gave me a smile.


I walked to her to congratulate her on her achievement, if that’s what I should call it. It is, she never gives a chance for anyone to look down on her, she’s an inspiration to many. I approached her and greeted her. “Hey there Miss. Evelyn, the new owner of Café Brewed Dreams. You win”, I say. She gave a chuckle and nodded her head. Win I did sir, but owning this café I do not.”, said she. She might’ve sensed the quizzical look on my face as she chuckled once more. “The owner found them a nuisance and I found within myself great acting skills”, she spoke. TKO again.

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