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Sammy and the Scary Spider

April 21, 2009
By Margaret Seitz BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
Margaret Seitz BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
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One day while Mommy and I were eating lunch I noticed a big, hairy, black spider on the wall. I said, “look at the big spider mommy.” Mommy jumped with fear and I watched as her growing brown eyes scanned the kitchen walls nervously. “Sammy spiders are bad, I’m going to get a shoe to kill this awful spider you stay here and make sure it doesn’t move.”

While Mommy was in the garage getting a shoe to kill the spider I walked over to the big scary spider with hesitation. The spider looked at me and said, “why hello there, my name is Mr. Spider.” I said, “Hello, Mr. Spider. It is very nice to meet you my name is Sammy.”

“Sammy, follow me I want to show you something outside” Mr. Spider said. I followed Mr. Spider out into the backyard. He led me to the back corner of my yard where the swing set was. I watched Mr. Spider as he moved swiftly across the wooden beams.

Once Mr. Spider stopped I crouched down so that I could see him better and noticed him lying comfortably in a web. “This is my home”, Mr. Spider said. He showed me the great skill and energy it takes to build a web. He explained to me that every web is different and there are usually two, one for sleeping and another for catching food.

“Oh, Sammy see that fly, watch it”, I whipped my head around and watched as the fly darted into the web that Mr. Spider had made for catching food. I was amazed at how fast Mr. Spider got to the fly and started wrapping it up in his web.

As Mr. Spider enjoyed his new snack, the fly I couldn’t help but ask why everyone was so afraid of spiders. Mr. Spider did seen to mind that I asked him this; he actually seemed excited. He told me that there was nothing to be afraid of they are just like you and you. They just are a lot smaller, have a couple more legs, and dark black hair.

Mr. Spider and I walked into the house to find mommy running around frantically with the shoe in her hand. I picked up Mr. Spider and walked over to her. Mr. Spider introduced himself and she learned that spiders aren’t scary and you shouldn’t kill them. The rest of the day mommy and I enjoyed are time with Mr. Spider. So, the next time you see a spider don’t be afraid and grab a shoe because it probably just wants to get to know you.

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on Apr. 27 2009 at 9:22 pm
liz_graham BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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thats cute, but im still scared to death fo them!

csjames GOLD said...
on Apr. 24 2009 at 5:52 pm
csjames GOLD, Cowpens, South Carolina
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Awwwwwwww, that's cute!