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The Diary of Lt. Nakamura

February 25, 2009
By Kyle Jenkins BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Kyle Jenkins BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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Dear General Xialing,

On one of our scouting trips to the north, we sighted an enemy battalion marching our way. My few small bands of warriors are out-numbered almost one hundred to one. I plan to fight here, though there is almost no hope of victory. The messenger whom I've sent to you will likely be the only survivor.

It has been an honor to serve under you. I only hope that what I do here today with my eighty men gives you time to prepare for an attack that might have spelled the end to hundreds of innocent citizens. Time is short, for we must move quickly. With this, unfortunately, I must leave you. To my family and my country, I ask that you remember my love and loyalty for you.

Yours until Death,
Lt. Nakamura

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