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Tale of Edward Thomson

November 5, 2008
By Anonymous

My name is Edward Thomson. I’m a 29 year old male, living in the sublime colony of Ferguston. My life thus far has been pampered because of my highborn English noble stature, but the pillars of my life are about to crash down all around me. “Hello, Henry, any news of Elizabeth yet?” asked Edward. Henry replied “she d… sob, died last night.” Henry was my best friend, and Elizabeth was his sister. Small pox was striking the colonies and Ferguston was no exception, Elizabeth was quick to succumb. “Thou are sorry to hear it my friend.” The next two months were full of anguish and grief as all but a handful of colonists died by the pox, including Henry. There were now only 20 colonists to do the job of 200. Any luxuries we had before, we had lost, and on top of that we were all equals now, indentured servants and nobility alike. I was assigned to fetch water from the nearby stream and on my way back I saw maggots, ill omens to be sure. There was going to be some rough times ahead of us. Henry’s mother Anne committed suicide by hanging. I found her dead by her own hand when I went to her house to help her with tasks. Two weeks later and there are only nine of us left, we have a pittance of the meals we would usually have and I’m becoming too weak to do my duties. Three more died in the night of starvation and inadequate shelter that can’t protect us from the elements. We now have 1 meal a day and it consists of a couple of beans and a mouthful of water. I pace my house most of the day, trying to keep warm and think of a way out of this cursed colony where only three remain. I haven’t seen the others for two days now, and I’m just hoping the almighty God will deliver me unto heaven so that I may feel joy once more. I stay huddled in my corner now, feeling no pain just sorrow. For my dead family, for my dead friends, for my fellow colonists, and for myself. I woke up this morning, and there is no food, no water and no human contact. I feel myself beginning to cross that fine line into insanity, I’m starting to hear my wife and Henry beckoning me to join them. I wish I could accept this invitation but I… I cannot do it. It would be a betrayal of my life; if I die now my life will be in vain. There are more voices now my parents, and my siblings all tempting me into a reunion with them. Ahhh yes I can feel it now the release of life, this feeling of lightness and happiness. I’ve made it back to you my family… I’ve made it back…

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